Describir buenas personas en inglés

En esta lección aprenderemos algunos adjetivos para describir las buenas actitudes de las personas ó describir buenas personas en inglés

Vocabulario útil para describir buenas personas en inglés

warm-hearted / friendly/ nicesomeone who can be friends with other people easilycálido / amable / agradable
good-lookingsomeone who looks beautifulguapo/a
hardworkingsomeone who does a lot of worktrabajador/a
bright / smartsomeone who is intelligent, cleverinteligente
generous / kindsomeone who often give things to people or happy to help them with their problemsgeneroso/a
full of energy / energeticsomeone who is always moving and never gets tired and has a lot of energylleno de energía / energético
thoughtful / consideratesomeone who thinks carefully about other people before they make a decisionpensativo-a / considerado-a
easy-goingsomeone who is relaxed and calm, easy to get along and doesn’t get angry easilytranquilo/a
humblesomeone who is never arrogant and doesn’t act like she is better than other peoplehumilde
reliable / responsiblesomeone who always does what he said he will dode confianza / responsable
resourcefulsomeone who finds solution to problemsresolutivo/a; ingenioso/a
truthful / honestsomeone who tells the truth and never steals from other peopleveraz / honesto
tidy someone who is very neat and organizedordenado/a
proactivesomeone who doesn’t need to be told what to doproactivo/a
optimisticsomeone who always thinks positive and confident that things will go welloptimista
talentedsomeone who is naturally good at thingstalentoso/a
smartsomeone who takes a lot of care of their appearanceelegante
self-disciplinedsomeone who motivates himself and keeps himself focused on his jobautodisciplinado/a
politesomeone who has good mannerseducado/a
luckysomeone who often has good fortuneafortunado/a
bravesomeone who isn’t afraid of dangervaliente
consistentsomeone who gives all her efforts in everything she does, and her performance never changesconsistente
punctualsomeone who is never latepuntual

Describir buenas personas en inglés

Ejercicios para describir buenas personas en ingles

  1. Completa las oraciones con los adjetivos correctos.
  1. Mary is a _______ person. She can easily make friends with other people. (friendly)
  2. Leon is so _______ . He always thinks carefully about his parents before making a big decision. (thoughtful/considerate)
  3. These children are so _______ . They never get tired from running around. (energetic)
  4. Lisa isn’t afraid of any danger. She is so _______ . (brave)
  5. You have very _______ employees. They do a lot of work in a day. (hardworking)
  6. Your daughter is _______ . She can answer the questions easily even though they haven’t studied it in school. (intelligent)
  7. My teacher is a _______ person. She wants everything to be clean and neat. (tidy)
  8. I admire your daughter. She is very _______ . She has good manners. (polite)
  9. Hannah is such a _______ girl. She never expected to win the lottery. (lucky)
  10. My boss looks so _______ . He always takes care of how he looks. (smart)
  11. Young adults nowadays are _______ . They are so calm and so relaxed. (easy-going)
  12. Even though Henry is still young, he is a _______ man. He always does what he said. (responsible)


1.2 Elección múltiple. Elige la mejor respuesta.

Kyle always gives his efforts and his performance never changes. (consistent)
a.consistent                  b. hardworking                c. intelligent

Harry is always on time. He hates to be late. (punctual)
a.consistent                  b. punctual                        c. clever

Dianna doesn’t wait for anyone to tell her what to do. (proactive)
a.proactive                    b. smart                              c. hardworking

Mike always keeps himself focused on what he does and motivates himself. (self-disciplined)
a.polite                           b. self-disciplined            c. responsable

Even though she has achieved a lot of things in life, she is never arrogant. (humble)
a.polite                           b. humble                          c. reliable

Lucy doesn’t easily get angry. She is a calm and relaxed person. (easy-going)
a.energetic                    b. easy-going                    c. proactive

Greg always makes sure that he can find solutions to the problems. (resourceful)                           b. resourceful                   c. energetic

Dan always thinks positive and is confident that all problems have a solution. (optimistic)
a.optimistic                   b. thoughtful                    c. clever

Helen is naturally good at singing and dancing. She can also things other than singing and dancing. (talented)
a.clever                           b. talented                         c. friendly


Ejercicio de comunicación 

  1. What are your good traits?
  2. What traits do you like in a person?
  3. Describe your ideal man/woman.
  4. What good traits do you like in your mother? father?
  5. What are your good traits that other people don’t know?