Frases útiles en el banco en inglés

En esta lección aprenderemos las frases útiles en inglés que usamos en el banco, y nos familiarizaremos con algunos términos y frases que se utilizan a menudo cuando hacemos transacciones en el banco.

Vocabulario útil para el banco en inglés

Términos Traducción Ejemplo
cashier/teller cajero/a The teller asked to see my ID before she gave me the cash.
current account cuenta corriente I only have about €300 in my current account.
high interest account cuenta de alto interés Henry put some money into a high interest account.
balance balance We just paid all our bills so I don’t even want to look at my balance.
debit card / cash card tarjeta de débito Paul doesn’t carry cash, he pays for everything with his debit card.
hole in the wall / cashpoint / ATM cajero automático I need to find a cashpoint – I haven’t got any cash.
overdraft descubierto They had an overdraft of thousands of dollars but they’ve finally paid it off.
overdrawn descubierto I looked at my balance and I discovered I was €200 overdrawn!
in the red números rojos We had to buy a new car so we’re in the red.
in the black tener dinero en el banco The company is finally beginning to make money so we’re in the black.
standing order orden permanente We have a standing order to pay €100 a month to this charity.

Frases útiles para el banco en inglés

Hacer transacciones Otros servicios Otras frases útiles
I’d like to make a withdrawal, please.

I want to make a withdrawal.


Teller:    How would you like the money?

Client: In tens, please. (ten pounds notes)


Could you give me some smaller notes?

I’d like to pay this cheque in, please.


How many days will it take for the cheque to clear?


Teller:    Have you got any identification (ID)?

Client: I’ve got my passport/license/ID card.


I’d like to transfer some money to this account.

Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account?


I’d like to open a personal/business account.


Could you tell me my balance, please?


Could I have a statement, please?


I’d like to change some money, please.


What’s the exchange rate for (euros, dollars, etc.)?


Could I order a new cheque book, please?


I’d like to cancel a cheque.


I’d like to cancel this standing order.


Where’s the nearest cash machine?


What’s the interest rate on this account?


I’ve lost my bank card…


I want to report a …

lost credit card.

stolen credit card.


I’ve forgotten the PIN for my card.


Could I make an appointment to see the manager/ a financial advisor?

Frases útiles en el banco en inglés

Ejercicios de frases útiles en el banco en inglés

  1. Elige la respuesta correcta.
  1. You can take money out from your ______ anytime. (current account)
  1. current account                       b. bank statement                          c. high-interest account
  1. The person that serves you in the bank and is usually behind the glass screen is a ______. (cashier)
  1. cashier                                        b. courier                                            c.  janitor
  1. If you forget your PIN, you can’t withdraw money from _______. (hole-in-the-wall)
  1. hole-in-the-wall                      b. cashier                                            c. teller
  1. You can write an amount on it and sign it. You can use it to make a payment with instead of cash. (cheque)
  1. cheque                                       b. bank statement                          c. credit card
  1. When you travel to another country, you can change your money in the ______ counter. (foreign exchange)
  1. teller                                            b. foreign exchange       c. cashier
  1. A special plastic card that allows you to take money out from your bank using a cash machine. (debit/cash card)
  1. cheque book                            b. debit/cash card                           c. credit card
  1. An amount of money that the account holder is allowed to owe to the bank. (overdraft)
  1. overdrawn                                b. overdraft                                       c. current account
  1. Having taken more money out of your bank account than the account has. (overdrawn)
  1. overdrawn                                b. overdraft                                       c. current account
  1. If your bank account is _______, you owe money to the bank. (in the red)
  1. in the red                                   b. in the black                                   c. overdraft
  1. An instruction to a bank to pay a particular amount of money at regular times from a person’s bank account to another bank account. (standing order)
  1. standing order                         b. cheque book                                c. current account


  1. Utiliza las frases apropiadas en las situaciones dadas.
  1. You need more money to buy something very important. You went to the cashier and say:

________________________________ (I’d like to make a withdrawal, please.)

  1. You went to the bank to open your own account. You tell the cashier:

________________________________ (I’d like to open a personal account, please.)

  1. Teller:   Mam, do you any identification?

You: ________________________________ (I’ve got my passport/license, etc.)

  1. You called your bank. You want to transfer money from your current account to your deposit account. You say: ________________________________ (I’d like to transfer money from my current account to my deposit account.)
  2. Teller:   Sure, mam. How much would you like to transfer?

You:      ________________________________ (Could you please transfer $10,000 from my current account to my deposit account?)

  1. You lost your credit card, so you called your bank. You said: _____________________________

(I’d like to report my lost credit card. The number is ——–.)

  1. You travel to another country. You went to the foreign exchange counter in the bank and asked the current exchange rate. You said: ________________________________ (What’s the current exchange rate for euros/dollars, etc.?)
  2. You were unhappy with how the cashier served you in the bank. You asked for an appointment to see the bank manager. You said: ________________________________ (Could I make an appointment with the bank manager, please?)
  3. You called your bank to cancel an existing standing order. You said: ________________________________ (I’d like to cancel this standing order.)
  4. You forgot the password to your debit card, so you can’t check your balance. You called the bank and said: _________________ (Can you tell me my balance, please?)



Ejercicio de comunicación sobre frases útiles en el banco en inglés

  1. Why is it necessary to learn and familiarize some of the expression used in the bank?
  2. Have you tried doing bank transactions outside your country?
  3. Have you tried calling your bank’s customer service hotline? How was your experience?
  4. Have you experienced taking out money from the cash machine but no cash was dispensed?
  5. Can you remember one of the best experiences you’ve ever had when doing bank transactions?