Productos y marcas en inglés

Al comprar un determinados productos y marcas en inglés, muchas personas los asocian con las marcas. La gente piensa que las marcas famosas están hechas con buena calidad y, por supuesto, a un precio razonable. En esta lección aprenderemos algunos términos y vocabulario relacionados con productos y marcas /marcas de productos.

Términos con la palabra productos en inglés

Términos de productos y marcas en inglés Traducción Significado
product catalogue catálogo de productos a list of products, usually with images, that a company offers
product mix conjunto de gamas de productos refers to the total number of product lines a company offers to its customers
product portfolio cartera de productos the collection of products and services that the company offers
product line

product range

línea de productos; gama de productos is a group of related products marketed under a single brand name and is sold by the same company
product lifecycle ciclo de vida del producto refers to the stages in a particular product’s existence: introduction, increasing sales, maturity and reduction in sales
product placement colocación del producto a way of advertising a product by supplying it for use in TV programs or even films
product positioning posicionamiento del producto the way that customers think about a product in relation to similar products or to competitors’ products


¿Qué son los goods (bienes) en inglés?

En negocios, goods (bienes) se refieren a materiales y componentes utilizados en la producción de otro producto, o también pueden ser cosas o artículos para la venta.

Existen diferentes tipos de productos basados en:

  1. excludability (excluibilidad) significa si es posible evitar que las personas / consumidores que no lo hayan pagado tengan acceso a él.
  2. rivalry (rivalidad) significa si los individuos pueden consumirlos sin afectar su disponibilidad para otros individuos.
excludable non-excludable
rival goods private goods

ex. ice cream, cheese, houses, cars, food, coffee, airline tickets

common resources

ex. fresh water, fish, timber,

the environment

non-rival goods club goods

ex. cable television, cinema, wifi, toll-roads, private parks

public goods

ex. fresh air, knowledge, national defense

Productos y marcas en inglés

Términos con la palabra marcas en inglés

Términos Traducción Significado
brand marca a name a company gives to its products for easy identification
branding marca the act of connecting the product with a particular symbol d keeping them in the customers’ minds through advertising, packaging, etc.
brand awareness

brand recognition

reconocimiento de marca refers to how much people recognize a brand of a particular product
brand image

brand identity

identidad de marca a set of features or ideas that the customers connect in their minds when thinking about a particular brand
own-brand product

own-label product

producto de marca propia refers to products that have the name of the shop that sells them, rather than the company who made them
brand name nombre de marca the name given to a particular product by the company who made it
generic products productos genéricos products that don’t have a brand name



Ejercicios con Productos y marcas en inglés

  1. Pon los productos bajo la categoría apropiada.
cheese wifi coffee houses cable TV
national defense fresh water fish cars knowledge


private goods club goods common resources public goods



Private goods club goods common resources public goods
ice cream, coffee cable TV fresh water national defense
cheese wifi fish knowledge
houses, cars


  1. Une la columna A con la columna B.
  1. brand (d)

a. a list of products, usually with images, that contains the products that a company offers

  1. brand awareness (j)

b. individuals can consume these products without affecting the availability to other consumers

  1. own-label product (g)

c. another term for brand identity

  1. product catalogue (a)

d. a name a company gives to its products for easy identification

  1. excludability (e)

e. preventing customers from accessing to products they haven’t paid for

  1. rivalry (b)

f. the name given to the product by the company who made it

  1. brand image (c)

g. having the same name with the shop that sells it than the company who made it

  1. generic products (h)

h. products with no brand names

  1. brand name (f)

i.materials and components used in producing another product

  1. goods (i)

j. another term for brand recognition



Ejercicio de comunicación 

  1. Can you name products in your country with strong brand images?
  2. Which do you prefer: branded products or generic products? Why?
  3. Name some advantages of own-label products, brand name products and generic products?
  4. What are some disadvantages? (refer to question #3)
  5. Why is branding important?