Phrasal verbs con in y on

En esta lección aprenderemos algunos phrasal verbs con in y on.

Phrasal verbs con ON

Phrasal verbsSignificadoEjemplo
try onprobar ropa para ver como quedaI’d like to try on this jacket before I buy it.
put on


pretender tener un sentimiento o comportamiento particularJack always puts on a British accent when he speaks English – it sounds funny!
weigh oncausar preocupación; causar molestiaThe decision to lend money to Frank has been weighing on me but I think it was the right thing to do.
rely/depend/count onconfiar en que alguien te ayudaráYou can always rely on Mark to think of a plan for the weekend.
keep on

go on

continuarHe keeps on saying that he didn’t do it, but I know he did.
get ontener una buena relación con alguienI get on very well with my boss.
take oncoger trabajo extra


Lisa’s on sick leave so I’ve taken on some extra work – I’m exhausted!
take oncompetir contra un oponenteJackson took on the best player in the league and won.
decide onelegirShe wasn’t sure which colour she wanted. In the end she decided on sky blue.
build onusar tu éxito para ir más alláIt’s time to build on the success we had last year and expand our business.
hold onesperarHold on! Where are you going?
bone up on


revisar o practicar un tema durante un corto periodo de tiempoHe’s boning up on some biology for the exam tomorrow. 
catch onhacerse popularThis is a great idea. I think it’ll really catch on.
drag oncontinuar por lo que parece un tiempo extremadamente largoWe could agree on a plan and the meeting dragged on for two hours.
turn onencenderWhen I get up in the morning, I always turn on the radio to listen to the news.
turn onexcitar placenteramenteWe don’t think that this type of music really turns people on anymore.
come onavanzar progresivamenteThe new project is coming on nicely. We’re going into production next week.
come onproyectar una imagen o personalidad particularPaul comes on as a really serious person, but he’s actually very funny.
come oncomenzar a funcionar o estar disponibleThe air conditioning will come on in a few minutes.
look down onconsiderar inferiorPeople at work look down on me because I didn’t go to a posh school like they did.


Phrasal Verbs con IN

Phrasal verbsSignificadoEjemplo
call invisitar un lugar o a una persona por un corto tiempo, especialmente cuando vas de pasoWe were in the neighbourhood, so we decided to call in and see you. 
take inestrechar una pieza de ropaThe coat was lovely so I bought it and had it taken in so it would fit me better.
rub inponer una sustancia en la superficie y frotarla para que penetreYou take some furniture wax and rub it in slowly – that table will look like new.
lock inencerrarThey pushed Mandy into the science lab and locked her in
push in (informal)colarte (en una cola)I hate it when someone pushes in to the line at the supermarket. 
sink incomenzar a creer, generalmente algo que es sorprendente o increíbleWe didn’t want to believe that they were going to close down the company – but it began to sink in after a while.
break inrobarThey broke into the school and stole all the computers.
break inirrumpir; interrumpirI was making my presentation when the director broke in and told me there was a mistake in the figures.
bring inintroducirThey’ve brought in a new law that prohibits cars in the city centre.
bring inrecibir ingresosAfter tax, Pete brings in about €2000 a month.
cave inaceptar la idea o decisión de alguienThe government finally caved in to pressure from the opposition and called an election.
chip incontribuirEveryone chipped in to buy Mary a present when she retired.
give inaceptar algo finalmenteAt first, I didn’t want to go out, but I finally gave in so we went to the cinema.
take inentenderThere was so much information in the report that I couldn’t take it all in.
take inengañar a alguienI think she was taken in by his confident behaviour at first, but she soon realised something was wrong.
take indar refugioThe cat looked hungry so we decided to take it in.
work inincorporarIn her speech, she worked in several references to the current political situation. 


Ejercicios de Phrasal verbs con in y on

Rellenar los huecos de phrasal verbs con in y on correcto.

  1. I need some extra money. I can ______ on any work that you can offer. (take on)
  2. Even if she didn’t like the people she’s dealing with, she has to ______ a professional and cheerful expression. (put on)
  3. My mother is someone that I can ______ all the time. (rely/depend/count on)
  4. I’m confused. Both bags look great and beautiful. I can’t ______ which one I want. (decide on)
  5. I graduated with the highest honours in my class, I’m hoping to ______ my success and do a Masters. (build on)
  6. Can you please ______ while I transfer your call? (hold on)
  7. This movie has ______ . I think three hours is too long! (dragged on)
  8. She always ______ people who wear cheap clothes. She’s a real snob. (looks down on)
  9. I don’t understand why you like cricket – it’s really boring. But whatever ______ you ______ . (turns … on)
  10. After an hour of power outage, the electricity has ______ . (come on)


Elección múltiple. Elige la respuesta correcta con phrasal verbs con in y on 

Until now, it’s hard to believe that it happened. It still hasn’t ______. (sunk in)

a.sunk in                         b. caved in                          c. taken in

They didn’t want to accept the offer but it was so generous that they finally ______ . (caved in)

a.caved in                       b. sank in                            c. took in

After months of persuasion, the boss finally _______ to our demands and proposal. (give in)

a.gave in                         b. broke in                          c. took in

Every time I and my friends go out, we _______ to pay for our food and drinks. (chip in)

a.chip in                          b. cave in                            c. work in

They’ve ______ a new policy at work which means everyone has to go home earlier. (brought in)

a.brought in                  b. given in                           c. broken in

Someone ______ our house last night and stole my mother’s jewellery. (broke in)

a.broke in                       b. caved in                          c. broke in

It’s rude to _______ when people are talking, especially regarding serious matters. (break in)

a.bring in                        b. take in                             c. break in

Please ______ and see us when you’re in the city. We can have dinner together. (call in) in                            b. rub in                              c. break in

It’s very rude to ______. People have been waiting here since this morning. (push in)

a.push in                         b. rub in                              c. break in

It’s hard for me to _______ her reasons for doing such thing. The end doesn’t justify the means. (take in)

a.take in                          b. cave in                            c. bring in


Ejercicios de Speaking

  1. What decisions in life have you made that were difficult for other people to take in?
  2. What turns you on in life?
  3. Do you always try on clothes before you buy them?
  4. Talk about an event that you attended that you were looked down on?
  5. Have you tried pushing in front of people waiting in line? How did they react?