Phrasal verbs con el verbo look

Phrasal verbs con el verbo look En esta lección aprenderemos algunos de los phrasal verbs con LOOK más comúnmente usados.

Usos de Phrasal verbs con el verbo look

Phrasal verb Significado Ejemplos
look at leer rápidamente pero no muy cuidadosamente I looked at the road map, and I’m sure we’re on the right track.
look at examinar o considerar algo cuidadosamente para tomar una decisión sobre ello I haven’t looked at the proposal for the new building, but I’ll try to later.
look at confrontar o afrontar algo Since we broke the company rules, we have consequences to look at when we go back to work.
look out observar cuidadosamente las cosas de nuestro alrededor para percibir cosas particulares When you’re at the party, look out for a girl called Angeline – she’s a friend of mine.
look out avisar a alguien para que tenga cuidado Look out! There are bricks falling from the site. You might get hit.
look out persona que vigila el peligro The bank robbers had a lookout standing across the street.
look on observar una actividad o evento sin ser parte de él The people were just looking on as the demonstrators made their way to the President’s office.
on looker alguien que vigila una actividad o evento sin ser parte de él I was just an onlooker in the demonstration but a policeman hit me anyway.
look up to  respetar y admirar I look up to my grandfather because he’s had an amazing life.
look down on something/somebody pensar que alguien o algo es menos importante que tu; algo no es de buena calidad para que lo uses Mark had always looked down on people wo hadn’t studied at university.

People look down on products from that market because they’re cheap.

look after something/somebody cuidar de algo o de alguien When I was younger, I looked after my younger siblings as my parents were working.
look ahead pensar sobre lo que ocurrirá en el futuro y hacer planes sobre ello The manager has to look ahead to try and predict the sales.
look around/round visitar un lugar y ver lo que hay allí This is our first time in Berlin. We would like to look around after lunch.
look forward to something/doing something estar entusiasmado con algo que sucederá en el futuro I’m looking forward to doing business with you and your company.
look back pensar sobre algo del pasado They can’t help but look back at what happened in the last three years of their business.
look for buscar algo o a alguien You always have to look for your mobile phone before you leave the house.
look in on visitar a alguien por muy poco tiempo I don’t have enough time now, but I’ll try to look in on my grandmother this weekend.
look into   averiguar más sobre algo The management promised to look into what caused the fire in the production area.
look out for someone cuidar de alguien, protegerlo y asegurarse de que está bien At school, my older brother always looked out for me and made sure I wasn’t bullied.
look over comprobar o revisar algo rápidamente Thanks for sending the proposal. I’ll look over it later.
look to confiar en algo o alguien para ayuda y consejo She looks to her mother for help when the baby’s not well.
look through examinar o leer algo brevemente When they looked through the documents, they found some a lot of pages were missing.
to be looking up ir mejor o mejorar Things are looking up for us – we won the lottery!
look something up buscar información I’m looking up the meaning of this word in the dictionary.
look someone up ir a visitar a alguien The next time you’re in Madrid look me up and I’ll show you around.
look upon/on someone/something considerar a alguien o a algo de una manera particular I think my boss looks on me like a son – he’s very protective of me.
look away apartar los ojos de alguien que da un mal presentimiento como miedo, vergüenza, dolor o asco She looked away when the doctor put the needle in her arm.

Phrasal verbs con el verbo look

Ejercicios de Phrasal verbs con el verbo look

Identifica el significado de las frases subrayadas usando los phrasal verbs de la caja.

look upon someone look over look at looks away look out
look around lookout look back look forward look down


  1. Sheila turned her eyes from me when I asked her if she knew about the stolen money. (looked away)
  2. I regard my mother highly as my mentor and teacher. (look upon someone)
  3. My boss will check my work quickly for any mistakes. (look over)
  4. We haven’t examined the proposal that the team submitted, so we can’t make a decision yet. (looked at)
  5. Be careful! There’s a car coming. Don’t cross the street yet. (look out)
  6. The police have a person watching for any danger who is standing outside the crime scene. (lookout)
  7. People think that these products are of low quality and just a waste of money. (look down)
  8. This is our first time in the city, so we will visit a few places and see what is there. (look around)
  9. Mary is excited about what will happen on her first day as a new teacher. (looks forward)
  10. I can’t help but think about what happened to me when I traveled to Bangkok alone last year. (look back [at])


Elige el significado del phrasal verb subrayado en la oración.

  1. Can you please look for my running shoes? (try to find or search for something)
  2. try to find or search for something
  3. to find out more about something
  4. I don’t know why my employees are leaving. I will look into the cause of this. (to find out more about something)
  5. try to find or search for something
  6. to find out more about something
  7. When my parents are busy, I look out for my brothers and sisters. (to take care of somebody)
  8. to take care of somebody
  9. to rely to someone for help or advice
  10. She looks to me to give her advice about how to manage her clients. (to rely to someone for help or advice)
  11. to take care of somebody
  12. to rely to someone for help or advice
  13. When the boss looked through the receipts, he found some money was missing. (examined something briefly)
  14. examined something briefly
  15. getting better or improving
  16. Things are looking up for Jane. She’s just got a promotion and she’s getting married next month. (getter better or improving)
  17. getting better or improving
  18. being examined briefly
  19. I’m not from Madrid but I look upon it as my home now. (to regard something in a particular way)
  20. to regard something in a particular way
  21. to visit something
  22. Since our parents retired and moved to the countryside, we make it a point to look our parents up once in a while. (to visit someone)
  23. to visit someone
  24. to regard someone in a particular way
  25. After failing all my exams, I know I have to look at getting help from a tutor. (to confront or face something)
  26. to confront or face something
  27. read quickly but not very carefully
  28. I looked at the road signs and I’m sure we’re heading the right direction. (read quickly but not very carefully)
  29. to confront or face something
  30. to read quickly but not very carefully

Ejercicios de comunicación de Phrasal verbs con el verbo look

  1. Talk about an event you attended, when you look back, you can’t help but regret ever attending it.
  2. Who is that one person that you look up to since you were young?
  3. Who looked after you when you were young?
  4. What are some of the things you are looking forward to doing in the next couple of years?
  5. Aside from your parents, who do you look to for help when you need someone’s advice or help?