Phrasal verbs con el verbo Put: ejemplos y ejercicios

En esta lección aprenderemos algunos phrasal verbs con put.

Ejemplos de Phrasal Verbs con el verbo Put

put onhacer que funcione un aparato, presionando un botónI’ll put on the heating because the house is cold.
put onponer algo donde se graba un sonido o una imagen en una máquina para ver o escuchar la grabaciónLet’s stay in tonight, have dinner, put on an old film and watch it together.
put onvestirseI’m going to put on that new shirt I bought yesterday.
put outapagar una luz presionando un botónHey! Who put out all the lights?
put outsentirse molesto por algo que alguien te hizo o te dijoI think Helen was a bit put out when you told her you didn’t like her new hairstyle. You should apologize.
put outpublicarThe ministry put out a leaflet to inform consumers about the new regulations.
put outproducir un nuevo productoThe car company has just put out a new line of electric cars.
put upconstruir una estructuraThe city council are putting up new office buildings to attract more business to the area.
put upabrir algo doblado o enrollado para que esté listo para usarOh, it’s raining. Put up the umbrella, I’m getting wet.
put up with sbaceptar el comportamiento desagradable de alguien incluso si no te gusta; tolerarLarry couldn’t put up with his the boss’ constant bad moods and nasty comments so he resigned.
put offdecirle a alguien que no puedes verlo o hacer algo por él hasta más tardeMy mother keeps asking me to hang some pictures at her house but I’m so busy I have to keep putting her off.
put offdecidir o hacer arreglos para hacer algo más adelante; posponerThe boss is still away in China so we’ll have to put off the staff meeting until Monday.
put offdistraer a alguienPlease stop making noise with your feet. I’m trying to concentrate on this report and you’re putting me off.
put backcambiar la fecha u hora de un evento para que ocurra más tarde de lo planeadoWe were never going to make that deadline so we’ve put back the delivery for two weeks.
put backponer algo donde estaba antesWhen you have finished with the sugar, can you put it back in the cupboard, please?
put forwardhacer que un reloj muestre la hora anteriorIn spring we put our clocks forward.
put sth/sb onto sth/sbcontarle a alguien sobre algo/alguien que podría ayudarlo, a menudo con algo/alguien que no sabían antesI’m watching this really fantastic series on Netflix called Black Mirror. Mary put me onto it – it’s great.
put downinsultar a alguienPaul was furious because Jenny put him down in front of all his friends.
put downmatar a un animal o mascota porque es viejo o está enfermoTheir dog was very old and sick so they had to put it down.
put downtomar nota, escribirIn your letter, I think you should put down something about how sorry you are first.
put downhacer un anticipo/depósitoWe’ve just put down $10,000 on a new house.
put downacostar a un bebéAfter he put the baby down, he made himself a cup of tea and sat down to watch a film.
put acrosscomunicar algo claramenteI think Kevin put across his point very well but the teacher didn’t seem to like it.
put asidemantener o guardar algo para más tardeOK, let’s put aside the discussion about money for later.
put asideignorar temporalmente cosas negativasI think we should put our differences aside and try to work out a solution that will suit everyone.
put awaydevolver algo a su lugar originalBefore I leave the office, I always put away all my stuff in the drawers because I like to leave my desk clean.
put awaymandar a prisión o a una institución mentalHe stole $100,000 from the company and the judge put him away for six years.
put byahorrar dineroI try to put something by every month so I have some money for my vacation.
put ininvertir tiempo, dinero o esfuerzoWe put in a lot of hours on this project but it has been worth it.
put ininstalarThe school put in a new air conditioning system yesterday so no the classrooms are nice and cool.
put inpresentar formalmente una solicitud, propuesta, etc.The school has put in a request to the department of education for a new computer system.
put indar posición o lugar a alguienShe wasn’t happy in sales so they put her in customer service.

Phrasal Verbs con el verbo Put

Ejercicios de Phrasal verbs con el verbo put

Elige el significado correcto de los siguientes verbos tal como se usan en la oración. Los phrasal verbs y su significado están dentro de la caja.

put on
  • make a device work by pressing a switch
  • to dress oneself
put out
  • make a lighting stop by pressing a switch
  • to publish
put up



  • build a structure
  • open something that is folded or rolled to make it ready for use
  • accept the unpleasant behavior of sb even if you don’t like it; tolerate
put off
  • postpone
  • to distract someone
put back
  • change the date or time of an event so that it happens later than planned
  • to put something where it was before
  1. Please put on the light when you get inside the house.   _______________ (make a device work by pressing a switch)
  2. I don’t know how to put out the lights in this room. _______________ (make a lighting stop by pressing a switch)
  3. She’s only three but Mia can put on her shoes and tie their laces. _______________ (to dress oneself)
  4. The company will put out the new issue of the company magazine later this month. _______________ (to publish)
  5. The government is planning to put up an airport on the island since many tourists visit the island all-year round. _______________ (build a structure)
  6. Please put up the tent; it’s getting dark and it’s starting to rain. _______________ (open something that is folded to make it ready for use)
  7. Why are you always putting me off? I’m trying to watch this movie. _______________ (distracting someone)
  8. The wedding was put off after the bride’s father died in a car accident. _______________ (postpone)
  9. After playing with her toys, my daughter puts them back in the box. _______________ (to put something where it was before)
  10. Can you put back my meeting with the Smiths till tomorrow night? ________ (change the date or time of an event so that it happens later than planned)


Une la columna A con la columna B.

  1. Because my family isn’t rich, my boyfriend’s family always puts me down.  (b)
  1. kill an animal because of old age or ill
  1. My husband puts the baby down our bed at night so I can take a rest. (e)
  1. insult someone
  1. Please slow down; I’m trying to put down everything you said. (C)
  1. make a note of
  1. They already put down half of the amount for the new house. (d)
  1. make a down payment
  1. My fifteen-year old dog was put down because he got ill, and the vet said there’s nothing they can do for him.  (a)
  1. put a baby to bed


Elige el significado correcto del phrasal verb utilizado en la oración.

  1. The family put aside money for theor trip to the Bahamas. (keep or save something for later)
  1. keep or save something for later
  2. ignore temporarily negative things
  1. I have put in almost all my savings into this new business venture. (to invest time, money or effort)
  1. to invest time, money or effort
  2. to install
  1. When her husband died, she had a nervous breakdown. Her family decided to put her away for treatment. (sent to a mental facility)
  1. return something to its original place
  2. sent to a mental facility
  1. His father put him in the CEO position after the retirement decision he announced to the shareholders. (to give the place or position to someone)
  1. to interrupt
  2. to give position or place to someone
  1. I have to put up with her behavior so I can graduate this year. (accept the unpleasant behavior; tolerate)
  1. open something that is folded or rolled to make it ready for use
  2. accept the unpleasant behavior of sb even if you don’t like it; tolerate

Ejercicio de comunicación de Phrasal verbs con el verbo Put

  1. Have you ever had to put up with somebody’s bad behavior? Tell more about it.
  2. Have you put in some of your money to a business or any income-generating activity? Explain further.
  3. What important plans did you put off this year to give way to more important things?
  4. How do you put away negative things that get in the way of your plans?
  5. Has your school/company/family put off an important event for no reason at all, something that you’re anticipating to come?