Comunicación en inglés: vocabulario

Comunicación en inglés: En esta lección aprenderemos las diferentes formas de comunicación. Aprenderemos frases útiles para escribir cartas, frases y palabras útiles para conversaciones telefónicas y de fax y más información sobre cómo escribir emails.


Frases útiles para la comunicación en inglés por carta


Frases útiles

Salutation (saludo)

Dear Mr. Brown

Dear Mrs. Smith

Dear Sir or Madam

Starting sentence (Oración de inicio)

We are writing to inform you that ….

We are writing to confirm/request/inquire about….

I am writing to tell you about…

I am writing you for the following reason…

I would be interested in …

Referring to previous contact (Referencia a un contacto previo)

Thank you for your letter of September 23…

In reply to your request…

Making a request (Hacer una petición)

We would appreciate if you could …

Could you please send me …

Could you please tell us …

Offering help (Ofrecer ayuda)

We are quite willing to…

Our company would be please to…

Would you like us to…

Giving good news (Dar buenas noticias)

We are pleased to announced that…

I am delighted to inform you that..

Giving bad news (Dar malas noticias)

We regret to inform you that…

I am afraid that it would not be possible to…

Complaining (Quejas)

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with…

I am writing to complain about..

Apologizing (Disculpas)

I regret any inconvenience about…

I would like to apologize for…

Orders (Pedidos)

Thank you for your order of..

Please confirm receipt of…

Prices (Precios)

Please send us your price list.

Our terms of payment are as follows: …

Referring to Payment (Referencia al pago)

Please send us your payment as soon as possible.

According to our records, …

Enclosing documents (Documentos adjuntos)

Please find enclosed …

I am enclosing …


Frases y palabras útiles para la comunicación por teléfono y fax

Palabras / Frases




answer (verb)

to take a call and speak after picking up the phone

My mother answered the phone call from my father.

responder una llamada


a recording device where the caller can leave a message for unanswered call

Please leave a message on my voicemail, and I will you back.

buzón de voz


line is being used

I can’t get through my mother’s line. It’s busy.

línea ocupada, comunicando

busy signal

the sound you hear if the line is being used

We only heard a busy signal when we called our boss.

señal de ocupado

call (noun)

the act of contacting someone

This call is recorded for safety purposes.


call (verb)

to contact someone

You can call me anytime you want.



the person who calls a telephone number

The call was from an unknown caller.

persona que llama

conference call

a phone call where three or more people are on the line

We will have a conference call with our bosses in the other branch.


dial (verb)

to press numbers on a landline phone or mobile phone

Just dial 911 if you need help.


dial tone

the sound a landline phone makes when you pick it up

I don’t hear any dial tone. Your service must have been suspended.

tono de marcación

hang up

to end a call

I’ll hang up this call now.


missed call

a call that wasn’t answered

I have few missed calls from Mary.

llamada perdida

pay phone

a public telephone that takes coins or phonecard for payment for each call made

I’m looking for a pay phone. My mobile phone is dead. I need to call home.

teléfono público

return a call

to call somebody back who tried to call you

Please return a call to Jim. It’s urgent.

devolver una llamada

text message

a short message service (SMS) or multimedia message service (MMS) with digital images, videos, etc.

I will send you a text message later.

mensaje de texto

touch screen

a screen that allows to touch the smartphone using the fingers

My grandmother doesn’t know how to use a touch screen phone.

pantalla táctil


 Típica comunicación en inglés por teléfono

  1. Sally: Five two four oh six three.

Leo:               Hello. It’s Leo here. Can I speak to Jim, please?

Sally:             I’m sorry. He has gone out. Can I take a message?

Leo:               Thanks. Please tell him Leo called. If I can’t back, please have him return my call.

Sally:             Ok, I’ll tell him. Goodbye.

Leo:               Bye.

  1. Answering machine (contestador automático):

You have reached ABC Company. Sorry we cannot answer your call at the moment. Please leave your name, phone number and a brief message after the beep, and I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Ejercicio sobre Comunicación en inglés

Une la columna A con la columna B



1.       part of an email where you can see, “To:” (D)

a)       subject line

2.       Reason of the email (A)

b)      CC

3.       sending copy to all and want them to see it (B)

c)       opening greeting

4.       part of the email or letter explaining the details (i)

d)      recipient line

5.       Dear Mr. Smith, (C)

e)      closing greeting

6.       Warm regards, (E)

f)        envelop

7.       23th September 2019 (G)

g)       date of the letter/email

8.       where you put the letter to be mailed (F)

h)      contact information

9.       part of the email where you can see this:

John Smith


ABC Inc. (H)

i)        body of the email or letter


Completa esta conversación telefónica.

Susie:    Hello?

Daisy:    Hello. It’s Daisy ­(1) _____ . Can I (2) _____ to Jim, please?

Susie:    This is (3) _____ . (4) _____ is out at the (5) _____ . Can I (6) _____ a message?

Daisy:    It’s alright. I’ll just (7) _____ him back later. Please tell him that (8) _____ called.

Susie:    Ok. Bye.

Daisy:    Bye.

1 here  2. talk   3. Susie      4. Jim     5. moment     6. take     7. call     8. Daisy