Describir rasgos negativos de personas en inglés

Hay personas que realmente no nos gustan, pero es demasiado directo si decimos directamente que son malas. Cuando alguien nos pregunta: “¿Cómo es él?”, es bastante útil tener algunas palabras o expresiones negativas para describir rasgos negativos de personas en inglés o de las personas que no nos gustan.

Vocabulario para Describir rasgos negativos de personas en inglés

aloofsomeone who is generally unfriendly/cold towards othersdistante
aggressivesomeone who is always ready to argue or forceful to get what they wantagresivo/a
armchair criticsomeone who often gives unhelpful criticism and rarely offers their ideas or solutionspedante; dogmático; teórico
big-headedsomeone who believes that they are more important than other peoplepretencioso/a
lazysomeone who doesn’t like to do very muchvago/a
couch potatoa lazy person who spends a lot of time sitting, watching tv or other things that don’t involve physical activitypersona sedentaria





somebody who gets angry quickly or often in a bad mood or bad temperirritable; irascible
stupid / dim-wittedsomeone who is not intelligentestúpido/a
mean / stingysomeone who does not give things or help very muchtacaño/a
boring / dullsomeone who is not interestingaburrido/a
bossysomeone who always tells other what to domandón/a
inconsiderate / thoughtlesssomeone who does not care or show concern for others and doesn’t think about other people when making decisionsdesconsiderado/a
strict / authoritariansomeone who often tells others what to do and makes very hard rules and makes other people keep these rulesestricto/a; autoritario/a
unreliablesomeone who doesn’t do things they said they would dopoco fiable
dishonestsomeone who tells lies or who steals things from other peopledeshonesto/a
busybodysomeone who is too involved or interferes too much in other people’s livesentrometido/a
clingysomeone who needs emotional support all the timepegajoso/a
full of hot airsomeone who talks a lot without meaning or valuecon mucha palabrería
goody-goody / goody two shoessomeone who is always good or always follows the rules but is always arrogant about itarrogante
impulsivesomeone who does things without thought or careimpulsivo/a
indecisivesomeone who cannot make a decisionindeciso/a
know-it-allsomeone who pretends to be an expert in everythingsabelotodo/a
materialisticsomeone who is focused with material wealth and possessionmaterialista
obnoxioussomeone who is annoying or offensiveodioso/a; detestable
pain in the necksomeone who is annoying; a situation that is annoying or inconvenientpesado/a
pickysomeone who is never happy with their choicesdifícil
set in one’s waysomeone who is inflexibleinflexible
wet blanket / killjoy /


someone who spoils other people’s fun; disapprovingcortarrollos


Ejercicios de vocabulario para describir personas en inglés

Usando las palabras de la caja, rellena los huecos con los términos /frases correctos de vocabulario 

pain in the neckknow-it-allthoughtlessmaterialisticwet blanket
big-headedcouch potatoclingybusybodystupid


  1. I don’t like Mila. She pretends to be an expert in everything. She’s ______. (know-it-all)
  2. Our lady boss is a ________. She doesn’t like to go out with us after work. If we invite her for a little get-together, she spoils our fun and plans. (wet blanket)
  3. Guys don’t like her. She is ______. She always goes with rich guys who can buy things she wants. (materialistic)
  4. This situation is such a ________. This is annoying me. (pain in the neck)
  5. The lady is so _______. The answer to the question was right under her nose, she didn’t even know. (stupid)
  6. That was ______ of you. You don’t even care what she feels. (thoughtless)
  7. I don’t like you. You’re interfering too much in my decision. This is my life! You’re a ______. (busybody)
  8. His girlfriend is so _____. She always goes to him for emotional support. Almost all the time! (clingy)
  9. Michael is a _____. He sits all day watching TV. (couch potato)
  10. My boss is _____. He thinks he is more important than the others. (big-headed)


Une la columna A con la columna B

  1. always tells others what to do (j)


  1. not interesting (a)

b.set in one’s way

  1. gets angry quickly (i)

c. authoritarian

  1. talks a lot without meaning or value (h)

d. impulsive

  1. does things without care (d)

e. armchair critic

  1. inflexible one (b)

f. aloof

  1. unfriendly or cold (f)

g. aggressive

  1. often gives unhelpful criticism (e)

h.full of hot air

  1. always forceful to get what they want (g)

i. short-tempered

  1. makes very hard rules and makes other people keep these rules (c)

j. bossy
















Speaking para describir rasgos negativos de personas en inglés.

  1. How will you tell a person that you don’t like him/her without hurting him/her?
  2. Every person has a negative character. What is your bad character?
  3. What makes a person bad?
  4. How are men and women’s personalities differ?
  5. What are some of your bad personality traits?