Vocabulario sobre la Navidad en inglés

Vocabulario sobre la Navidad en inglés: Para la mayoría de las personas, la Navidad es la época más feliz del año. Es un momento en que las familias se reúnen y comen, ya sea en Nochebuena (24 de diciembre) o en Navidad (25 de diciembre). En muchos países se preparan comidas tradicionales durante esta época. Hay muchas comidas y tradiciones asociadas con la Navidad.

En esta lección aprenderemos vocabulario sobre la Navidad en inglés  y vocabulario relacionado con la Navidad y las tradiciones practicadas y observadas en esta época.

Vocabulario sobre la Navidad en inglés




advent calendar

a calendar containing small numbered flaps which are opened one a day up to Christmas day, and each lap may contain pictures or chocolates

calendario de adviento

candy cane

a cylindrical stick of red and white striped candy resembling a walking stick

bastón de caramelo


a winged spiritual being that some religions believe to be a messenger of God



a cylinder of wax which burns to produce light


Christmas carols

a religious or happy song that people sing at Christmas



a brick structure in a house where smoke is carried away from a fire (believed to be where Santa Claus enters on Christmas Day bringing gifts)


Christmas Eve

the day before Christmas (December 24th)


Christmas tree

a real or artificial tree which is decorated with Christmas lights and where gifts are placed

árbol de Navidad


imaginary beings that live with Santa Claus in the North Pole and act as helpers in making toys and taking care of the reindeer

duende /duendes


a biscuit/cookie made of ginger and sweetened with honey and sugar, and usually shaped like people or houses

galleta de jengibre


a shrub with prickly dark green leaves and red berries used as a Christmas decoration



a plant that is used as a Christmas decoration; it is a tradition to kiss someone when you are both under it



a sweet, dark type of food with dried fruit usually eaten as a dessert after a Christmas meal



a deer with large antlers believed to pull the sleigh for Santa Claus



the red-nosed reindeer of Santa Claus who leads the other reindeers in pulling the sleigh


Santa Claus

the man wearing red suit and with white beard who brings gifts to children on the night before Christmas

Papá Noel / Santa Claus


a vehicle or light cart pulled by reindeers over snow or ice


gold, frankincense,


the gifts that the Three Wise Wen gave to the baby Jesus

oro, incienso, mirra


a long thin strips of shiny metal foil used a decoration



a bird like large chicken traditionally eaten at Christmas or Thanksgiving in the US and other countries


the Star of Bethlehem

the star that announced the birth of Jesus and guided the Three Wise Men to find the place of the Nativity

la Estrella de Belén


an arrangement of flowers and leaves in a circular shape



a representation of human figure made out of compressed snow

muñeco de nieve

Christmas stocking

a large sock that people hang near the chimney on Christmas Eve to be filled with presents

calcetín navideño


Diferentes tradiciones navideñas

Christmas food

Since Christmas is a family get-together, special food is served. People mostly serve a big turkey or a huge leg of Christmas ham, or both. In the UK and Ireland, Brussels sprouts are also served with the turkey.

Christmas pudding is also eaten after the Christmas meal as a dessert and it’s served with cream and brandy butter. Chocolates and sweets are also very popular.

Christmas gifts

It is a tradition to have an exchange of presents at Christmas with friends and family. The shopping malls are full of people are rushing to buy gifts. Many people don’t like this gift exchange idea because they believe the true spirit of Christmas has been commercialized. There are still many who donate toys and food to charities.

Christmas carols

Christmas carols are heard everywhere. Choir groups (carolers) go out into the streets and malls or knock on people’s doors to sing carols (caroling). The aim of carolers is to get donations for charity.

Christmas cards

Many people send Christmas cards to their loved ones especially those who live far away. Nowadays, people send Christmas cards online because they are cheaper, faster and more practical.

Nativity play

A play telling the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is very typical in churches, schools and some organizations.

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas (December 26th) is a public holiday in many countries. It is called Boxing Day because it was when the less wealthy people and servants received a box with money or presents. In the UK, New Zealand and Australia, many people go to sporting events (football or horse racing) or simply enjoy the atmosphere with their family and friends.


Ejercicios de vocabulario sobre la Navidad en inglés

  • Elige la respuesta correcta.
  1. _____ brings the children presents on Christmas. (Santa Claus)
  2. Santa Claus Santa Brown                c. Mr. Snowman
  3. We always out our ______ on the fireplace. (stocking)
  4. socks stocking                         c. gloves
  5. We put up and decorated a beautiful _____ in our house. (Christmas tree)
  6. birch tree Christmas tree             c. pear tree
  7. We usually eat ____ after our Christmas meal. (pudding)
  8. pudding biscuit                             c. pie
  9. Children build a _____ on the streets when it snows. (snowman)
  10. snowman gingerbread man        c. pudding man
  11. A ____ is a deer with large antlers that pulls Santa Claus’s sleigh. (reindeer)
  12. horse deer                                c. goat
  13. ____ is Santa Claus’s red-nosed reindeer. (Rudolph)
  14. Rudolph Randolph                       c. Frudolph
  15. We light the _____ in our house on Christmas Day. (candles)
  16. candles lamps                              c. torches
  17. ____ is a biscuit sometimes shaped as a person or a house. (Gingerbread)
  18. Cookie Gingerbread                c. Garlic bread
  19. A _____ is an arrangement of flowers in a circle. (wreath)
  20. wreath lantern                           c. tree
  21. A _____ is a religious folk song sung during Christmas. (Christmas carol)
  22. Christmas carol Christmas song            c. Christmas jingle
  23. A ____ is a white and red striped candy shaped like a walking stick. (candy cane)
  24. candy cane Christmas tree             c. Christmas wreath

  • ¿Conoces la canción The Twelve Days of Christmas? Elige la opción correcta para completar la lista de regalos.

  1. On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear / peach (pear)
  2. On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two turtle turkeys / doves. (doves)
  3. On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me three French / German (French)
  4. On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me four calling birds / dogs. (birds)
  5. On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me five silver / gold (gold)
  6. On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me six geese / ducks a-laying. (geese)
  7. On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me seven fish / swans a-swimming. (swans)
  8. On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eight maids / farmers a-milking. (maids)
  9. On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me nine children / ladies (ladies)
  10. On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ten lords / lads a-leaping. (lords)
  11. On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eleven pipers piping / playing. (piping)
  12. On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me twelve drummers drumming / hitting. (drumming)


Ejercicio de comunicación con Vocabulario sobre la Navidad en inglés

  1. In your country, how do you spend Christmas and the holiday after Christmas Day?
  2. What are some Christmas traditions in your family?
  3. What was the most important gift you have received on Christmas Day?
  4. When you were a child, did you believe in Santa Claus?
  5. Before you knew the truth about Santa Claus, what did your parents tell you about him?
  6. Have you ever kissed someone under the mistletoe?
  7. What traditional food does your family prepare on Christmas day?