Dar consejos y sugerencias en inglés

Dar consejos y sugerencias en inglés; Hay momentos en que no sabemos qué hacer y necesitamos pedir ayuda a otras personas. También hay veces que otras personas nos piden consejos. Aquí hay algunas frases útiles en inglés para dar consejos y sugerencias.

Diferentes frases para dar consejos y sugerencias

I reckon you should stop now.

Why don’t you stop now?

How about stopping now?

If I were you, I’d stop now.

Frases informales e indecisas
I suggest you stop now.

I suggest that you stop now.

I suggest stopping now.

Neutral (formal e informal)
You’d really better stop now. Sugerencia contundente y da la idea de que no seguir esto tendrá un resultado negativo
I would strongly advise you to stop now.

My advice would be to stop now.

Tono bastante formal
It might be a good idea to stop.

You might try stopping…

Más informal y menos formal

Diferencias entre consejo y sugerencia en inglés




Why don’t you


ought to


If I were you, I would







You should try to practice speaking English.

You shouldn’t talk too much.

Why don’t you study hard to get high scores?

Why don’t you listen to your mother?

You ought to read the whole book to understand how the story goes.


If I were you, I’d study hard. This is your final chance to get high scores.

If I were you, I’d sleep early.

I suggest you study hard. (suggest + subject + verb)

I suggest studying hard to get high scores. (suggest + verb -ing)


I recommend you order their pasta. (recommend + subject + verb)

I recommend pasta for your breakfast. (recommend + noun)


advise (verb)


advice (noun)


I advise you to buy a new set of computers for your business.


Can you give me some advice?

She gave some pieces of advice.

Dar consejos y sugerencias en inglés

Frases para dar consejos de una forma delicada

Hay momentos en que a las personas no les gusta recibir consejos, especialmente si no los pidieron. Aquí hay algunas expresiones para tratar de evitar impresiones erróneas de otras personas:

  • “You could always…”
  • “Have you considered (+ verb -ing)…”
  • “Perhaps we could…”
  • “Do you think it’s a good idea to…”
  • “Have you thought about + (verb -ing)…”
  • “In your position, I would…”
  • “You should perhaps…”


Ejercicios para Dar consejos y sugerencias en inglés

Elige las palabras correctas para completar la oración.

You were in a phone store wanting to buy a new phone. The shop assistant asked you, “Are you considering ____ a new phone?” (getting)  
a. getting                                        b. get                                    c. to get

Your friend invited you to go shopping tonight, but you don’t know whether to go or not. You said, “Perhaps we _____ go tomorrow instead.” (could)  
a.must                                            b. could                                               c. have to

You are attending a meeting at work, and you want to suggest something. You said, “I’d like to recommend we _____ the new product in time for the holidays.” (launch)  
a. launching                                   b. to launch                        c. launch

Your friend is always complaining about her headache. You say, “I suggest you _____ a doctor immediately. (see)
a.seeing                                         b. to see                              c. see

Your friend went to the doctor. The doctor said, “I advise ______ sunglasses.” (you to wear) 
a.you wearing                              b. you to wearing            c. you to wear

You told your friend, “________ go to the optician where I got my glasses?” (Why don’t you) 
a.Why don’t you                         b. Why you don’t             c. Why doesn’t you

You have a part time job, but not earning much. Your friend said, “If I were you, I ________ for another part time job.” (would look)
a.would look                                 b. would be looking        c. would looking

You went into a shop to look for a new phone. You don’t know what phone you want to buy. You asked the shop assistant, “Can you give me _____?” (some advice)
a.advise                                          b. advices                           c. some advice

You heard a customer asking for assistance from the shop assistant about her size. The shop assistant said, “You ought ______ it on first?” (to try)
a.to try                            b. try                     c. trying

A customer doesn’t know which computer he’d like to buy. You say, “I ______ you to get this laptop.” (advise)
a.advice                                          b. advise                             c. will advise


Ejercicios de comunicación sobre Dar consejos y sugerencias en inglés

Utilizando las situaciones dadas, da consejo o recomendaciones utilizando las frases de la lección.

  1. Nick and his wife bought a small house three years ago. Now they are expecting their first baby, but their house is too small for them. He wanted to buy a new house, but he doesn’t have enough money. What should Nick do?
  2. Sheila has a best friend. Sheila likes her best friend’s boyfriend, and she can’t bear to see them together. She doesn’t want to lose her best friend, either. What advice can you give to Sheila?
  3. Jane is a flight attendant and is married with two kids. She loves her job but misses her kids so much. What can you advise Jane?
  4. My younger brother is only 15. He wants to work part time next summer, but my parents think that he is too young to work. What should I tell my parents?
  5. I want my daughter to take part in some sports, but she prefers to read books and stay home all day long. What should I do to make my daughter be physically active?
  6. My aunt has twin daughters. She wants them to wear the same clothes, but my cousins don’t want to. What should I tell my aunt?
  7. My friend gave me a jacket for my birthday. I didn’t wear it because it’s too big for me, and I didn’t like the color. She always asked me why I didn’t wear it. What should I tell her without hurting her?
  8. My daughter spends all day in front of the computer. The doctor told me never to allow her to use computer because she has some problems with her eyes from staring at the screen all day. My daughter is so stubborn. What should I do?
  9. Mrs. Jones planned for a holiday for the whole family. She wanted to go skiing, but her children wanted to go to the beach. She wanted everyone to go on a holiday together. What advice can you give Mrs. Smith?
  10. My teacher gave my friend a failing grade in Math. My friend missed three quizzes and our major exams because her mother got sick, and she had to take care of her. What should I tell my teacher to give my friend a chance to pass Math subject?