Frases útiles en inglés para el aeropuerto

Las personas que viajan con frecuencia, están acostumbradas a oír algunas de estas expresiones en los aeropuertos. Sin embargo, para las personas que viajan con menos frecuencia es importante estar familiarizado con algunas expresiones útiles que se pueden oír en un aeropuerto.En esta lección, aprenderemos algunas de esas frases útiles en inglés para el aeropuerto.

 Frases útiles en inglés para el aeropuerto

En el mostrador de recepción Can I get see your ticket, please?

Can I have your passport?

How many suitcases do you have?

Please put your luggage to be weighted.

Sorry, but your baggage is over the allowed weight. You’ll have to pay excess baggage fees.

Would you like a window seat or an aisle/corridor seat?

Your seat number is 18C.

Here’s your boarding pass.

Your flight leaves from gate 20.

En seguridad Please put all your belongings on the tray, please.

Could you take off your belt/boots, please?

Is this your luggage, Sir/Ma’am?

Did you pack this bag yourself?

Can you open the luggage, please?

Instrucciones del auxiliar de vuelo Please put your seat in the upright position

Please fasten your seat belt.

Please turn off electronic devices for take-off and landing.

Place your luggage in the overhead compartments.

Encontrar lugares Excuse me, where is baggage claim?

Could you tell me where customs is?

Do you know where Terminal B is?

How do you get to Gate E?

Where can I see my seat number?

Frases / anuncios comunes Please do not leave your belonging unattended.

Flight BA 7868 is now boarding.

Flight AG 9876 is cancelled.

Flight DAM 1563 had been delayed.

Would passenger John Smith please come to …

This is the final call for flight TAM 5643 to…

…. Please make your way to Gate 27

 Ejercicios de frases útiles en ingles para el aeropuerto

Elige la mejor respuesta.

Common expression to ask when choosing a seat in the plane. (Would you like the window or aisle seat?)

  1. Can I get you the window seat?
  2. Would you like the window or aisle seat?
  3. What seat do you want?

Common announcement when the flight is delayed. (Flight TYA 7894 had been delayed.)

  1. We’re sorry for the delay.
  2. Your flight is on time. 
  3. Flight TYA 7894 had been delayed.

An announcement to watch over your belongings. (Please don’t leave your things unattended.)

  1. Please don’t leave your things unattended.
  2. We are not responsible for your belongings.
  3. Keep an eye on your belongings.

When you go over the luggage allowance: (Sorry, but you’re going to have to pay excess baggage fees.)

  1. Sorry, but you’re going to have to pay excess baggage fees.
  2. Take away your luggage; they’re over the luggage allowance.
  3. Your luggage is over the allowance. Can’t you leave some of your stuff?

Final call for passengers of a certain flight: (This is the final call for flight GHY 8976 to)

  1. This is the final call for flight GHY 8976 to
  2. This is your last chance to board.
  3. This is your final warning. We can’t wait for you.


Ejercicios de Speaking

  1. How often do you travel?
  2. Why is it necessary to know these airport expressions?
  3. When was the last time you took a plane going to a special place? Tell more about it.
  4. Have you ever had a strange or difficult experience in the airport while you were traveling?
  5. What was the most unforgettable trip you’ve ever had?
  6. What do you find most stressful about air travel?