Phrasal Verbs con Around/about

Around y about a menudo son intercambiables cuando se usan con otras palabras para formar phrasal verbs con Around/about. Around también se puede reemplazar con round. Cuando los phrasal verbs se usan con around y about, a menudo expresan la idea de actuar de manera relajada, sin concentrarse o sin un propósito particular. En esta lección, aprenderemos algunos de los phrasal verbs con around/about más utilizados.

Listado de Phrasal Verbs con Around/about

Phrasal verbs con Around/aboutSignificadoEjemplos
wait about/aroundpermanecer en un lugar sin hacer nada mientras esperas que algo sucedaLet’s go home. We’ve been waiting around here for an hour. He’s not coming.
 laze about/aroundholgazanearI love the holidays. It’s lovely to be able to laze about/around all day doing nothing. 
sit about/aroundestar cruzado de brazosYou can’t sit about/around all day doing nothing. Go and do your homework.
hang about/aroundrondarWhen I was a teenager, I loved just hanging about/around with my friends and talking. 
mess about/aroundjugarJack was messing about/around with an old clock and some pieces feel out. 
mess about/aroundcomportarse estúpidamente, perdiendo el tiempo hacienda cosas sin importanciaStop messing about/around and get down to work.
mess sb about/aroundtratar a alguien mal


Dave messed Jenny about/around. He never really loved her.
mess sb about/aroundperder el tiempo cambiando de opinión o no hacer lo que prometisteI’m tired of you messing me about/around. I’m taking my business to another company.
lie about/aroundpasar tiempo acostado haciendo muy pocoWe were so tired that we spent all day on Saturday just lying about/around watching series.
mill about/aroundcaminar alrededor de un área o espacio en particular mientras esperas algoI like sitting in a café watching everyone milling about/around
stand about/aroundpasar tiempo parado en un lugar mientras esperas a alguien o haciendo muy pocoWe’ve been standing about/around her for 20 minutes – the concert’s going to start. Let’s go in.
stick aroundquedarse en algún lugar por un período de tiempoI’m really busy now. Can you stick around for 20 minutes and we can talk later?
take sb around/roundvisitar un lugar con alguien que le muestre las partes más interesantes o importantesWe took the Chinese delegation around the factory and showed them our production process.
show around/roundir con alguien a un lugar que no haya visitado antes y mostrarle las partes interesantesThe next time you’re in Dublin, let me know and I’ll show you around.
faff aroundretrasar el propósito de hacer algoStop faffing around and get on with your work. 
fiddle aroundpasar tiempo en una actividad que no tiene un propósito realI’ve been fiddling around with the presentation for an hour but I don’t think it looks any better.
boss arounddecirle a alguien qué hacer; dar órdenesShe loves bossing people around but she’s a really nice person. 
turn aroundmover hacia la dirección opuestaI heard something behind me but when I turned around, there was no one there.
ask aroundpreguntar por ahíWe asked around but nobody had ever heard of this restaurant.
shop aroundir a diferentes o muchas tiendas para encontrar el mejor precio o el mejor productoThese jeans are a bit expensive. I think I’ll shop around for something cheaper.
snoop aroundhusmearHave you been snooping around my mobile phone? You know that’s very rude. 
sleep aroundacostarse con otrosAfter a year, he started sleeping around. When she found out, she threw him out.
call aroundllamar a muchos lugares / personas diferentesWe thought the price was too high, so we called around to other suppliers and we found a good on in Berlin.
get aroundpoder moverseAfter her hip operation, she found it more difficult to get around



Busca el correspondiente phrasal verb con Around/about como e indica en las frases subrayadas en la oración.

  1. Lisa likes to end the day lying on the sofa doing very little under the moonlight. (lying about)
  2. The workers look impatient as they spend time standing outside the conference room waiting for the negotiation of their leaders and the company owners to end. (standing about)
  3. After a hard day’s work, I like to relax and enjoy myself by doing very little at home. (laze about)
  4. Why do like to treat your classmates badly? They are very friendly to you. (mess around)
  5. If you have time, you can drop by my office and we can go somewhere for a drink and a chat. (hang around)
  6. Why don’t you stay at home for at least a day or two, so we can have more time together? (stick around)
  7. When you visit my country, I will be your tour guide. I’ll go with you to places you haven’t seen before and some interesting parts of our country. (show around)
  8. Don’t hesitate to ask many people about the best things you can do here in the new city. (ask around)
  9. You’re married now. You can’t go on having many causal sexual partners. (sleeping around)
  10. You should call different restaurants to see if you can book a table. (call around)


Elige el phrasal verb con Around/about correcto para completar las oraciones. 

Don’t delay the submission of your reports. I hate employees who always ______. (faff around)

a. faff around                b. mess around

I feel like a spy these days. I ______ my husband’s activities and whereabouts every now and then. (snoop around)

a.mess around             b. snoop around

It’s a huge city but I’m learning how to _____ and find interesting places. (get around)

a.get around                 b. call around

I like to ___________ different malls and shops before deciding which product I should buy. I just love shopping. (shop around) around              b. go around

Don’t _______ me _______ . I hate being told what to do many times. Once is enough for me. (boss around)

a.boss around              b. mess around

Can you please _______? I can’t see your facial expressions clearly. (turn around)

a.turn around                              b. boss around

Don’t _______ with the camera. It’s very expensive and you might break it. (fiddle around)

a.fiddle around            b. mess around

I will be in your area next week. Would be kind enough to _______ me _______ the city? You know all the best places. (take around)

a.take around               b. fiddle around

Time passes by so slow when you are just ____________ , watching the clock for the day to end. (waiting about)

a.wait about                 b. laze about

I deserve to _______ once in a while. I’ve been working hard all days of the week I deserve a break. (laze about)

a.laze about                  b. wait about


EJERCICIO DE COMUNICACIÓN. Debate sobre las siguientes preguntas.

  1. What is your dream vacation? Would you like to laze about during the day?
  2. Do you like to be bossed around? Why or why not?
  3. What should we do with workers who always faff around?
  4. Has anyone ever messed you about? What happened?
  5. At what age do people in your country retire? What is the first thing that they do after retirement?