Phrasal Verbs con down

En esta lección aprenderemos algunos de los phrasal verbs más comunes con DOWN.

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Listado Phrasal Verbs con down

Phrasal Verb Significado Ejemplos
chop down

cut down

cortar para que caiga al suelo They chopped down that big oak tree down the road.

They’re cutting down the rainforests to plant palm trees.

weigh down llevar demasiado (problemas, responsabilidades) Hannah felt weighed down by the responsibilities of the job so she asked for help.
load down cargar con demasiadas cosas I was loaded down with two suitcases and a bag so I couldn’t run for the bus!
take down escribir algo, especialmente lo que alguien dice I’ll take down your name and phone number and a sale representative will call you tomorrow.
write down escribir algo en un papel, para no olvidarlo Where’s the PIN number? I know I wrote it down on a piece of paper somewhere.
keep down detener el número, nivel o tamaño de algo que aumenta Can you please keep the noise down? I’m trying to study.
cut down (on) comer o beber menos de algo en particular  I have cut down on the amount of coffee I drink. 
shut down apagar We had to shut down the whole computer system to stop the virus spreading.
close down cerrar un negocio My dad is closing down his bakery after 40 years in business.
fall down caer al suelo The old man tripped on something and fell down in the middle of the street. 
turn down rechazar The job offer was good but I decided to turn it down because I’d heard bad things about the company.
turn down disminuir el volumen o la intensidad Can you turn down the music, please? I can’t hear what you’re saying.
slow down disminuir la velocidad I’m really looking forward to my holidays. I’ll be able to slow down and take it easy.
wolf down comer con mucho hambre Jack wolfed down his breakfast and ran out of the house.
dress down vestir de manera sencilla It wasn’t a formal dinner party so we decided to dress down. I wore jeans and a shirt.
crack down (on) tomar medidas enérgicas The government is cracking down on violent crime.
break down perder el control de las emociones When he talked about his ex-wife, he broke down. I don’t think he’s over her yet.
break down dejar de funcionar Communication between the management and the factory staff broke down so they went on strike.
come down descender o caer The cat climbed into the tree and he wouldn’t come down, so we had to call the fire brigade.
come down caer de las nubes The rain was coming down really hard so we decided to take a taxi.
come down reducir al elemento esencial It all comes down to cost – we’re not interested in doing this it if it’s too expensive.
come down caer enfermo I’ve got a fever and I feel really tired. I’m coming down with a virus.
come down (on) criticar The boss came down very hard on Larry for messing up this deal. He was furious.
hunt down perseguir o capturar algo o a alguien I hunted down all these old photos of us from when we lived in Manchester.
settle down hacer que alguien se calme We tried to settle Penny down but she was very upset.
settle down establecerse Tom and Fiona settled down in a nice neighbourhood, got married and had three children.
wear down desgastar The stress of the job wore me down so I quit.
water down aguar The president watered down his speech because he didn’t want to upset the audience.


Ejercicios de Phrasal Verbs con down

Elige el significado correcto de los phrasal verbs con down utilizados en la oración.

break down
  • lose control of one’s emotions
  • stop functioning
come down
  • to descend, fall or go down
  • fall from the clouds
  • to reduce to the essential element
  • to become sick
  • to criticize
settle down
  • get someone to become calm
  • start living a quiet family life
turn down
  • reject, decline
  • decrease


  1. She has a history of psychological problems, that’s why she breaks down easily. (lost control of one’s emotions)
  2. The car broke down this morning, so I had to take a cab going to work. (stopped functioning)
  3. She looked so elegant as she came down the stairs. (descended)
  4. Snow is coming down tonight, so everyone is excited. (fall from the clouds)
  5. She came down with flu last week. (became sick)
  6. I don’t know what her problem is. Why does she always coming down so hard on everything that I do? (criticizing)
  7. After the earthquake, everyone tried to settle down. (to become calm)
  8. I have always dreamed of settling down in a different country. (start living a quiet family life)
  9. Though the offer was good, Harry still turned it down. (rejected)
  10. Please turn the volume down of the TV. I can’t hear the person on the phone. (decrease)


Elige el phrasal verb correcto.

  1. I had to cut down / weigh down the branches of the tree to let them fall to the ground. (cut down)
  2. She is gaining ten pounds in a week. She decided to cut down / chop down on sweets, especially chocolates. (cut down)
  3. The business is not doing well in the last years, so they decided to close down / shut down and sell the company. (close down)
  4. The machine is in trouble. The factory had to shut down / close down for maintenance. (shut down)
  5. You’re driving too fast. Please slow down / calm down. (slow down)
  6. I haven’t eaten all day. When I got home, I wolfed down / cracked down two sandwiches and a pizza. (wolfed down)
  7. The police are hunting down / cracking down the suspect who killed the woman. (hunting down)
  8. The baby’s energy wears down / settle down after playing for almost half a day. (wears down)
  9. I watered down / wore down my email. I was going to be much more direct. (watered down)
  10. Every Friday, she dresses down / breaks down. She puts on simple and comfortable clothes. (dresses down)
  11. Evacuees keep coming here. We have to keep down / turn down the number of evacuees in this site and move the others to the next evacuation centre. (keep down)
  12. I easily forget things so I have to write down / take down what I have to do every day. (write down)
  13. She took down / wrote down my name and address and said she0d be in touch. (took down)


Ejercicio de speaking

  1. What foods have you been cutting down on recently?
  2. Are you married? How old were you when you settled down? If not, at what age are you planning to settle down?
  3. Have you come down with an illness recently? Tell more about it.
  4. Have you turned down a very good job offer but didn’t regret it even a bit? Tell more about it.
  5. Have you experienced breaking down in front of people? What happened?