En esta lección, aprenderemos algunos de los phrasal verbs con OVER.

Listado de phrasal Verbs con Over

Phrasal verbs Significado Ejemplos
read over leer algo desde el principio para encontrar algún error o entenderlo mejor I always read over my emails before I send them. It’s important to give a good impression with your writing.
look over examinar algo rápidamente I’ve looked over these figures and I don’t think we can approve them. The project is too expensive.
go over hablar o pensar en algo para explicarlo o para asegurarse de que sea correcto The teacher has gone over this point several times but I still don’t understand it.
hand over darle algo a alguien I handed over the money and he gave me the keys to my new car!
hand over dar poder o control a otra persona When Mr Peterson died, he handed over all his land to his two children. 
stay over pasar la noche en otro lugar en vez de ir a casa She’s flying to Barcelona tomorrow and she’s going to stay over after the meeting.
get over recuperarse de algo como una enfermedad, desilusión, etc. We’re still trying to get over losing the cup final.
fall over caerse al suelo An elderly man fell over in the street and they had to call an ambulance.
to be over terminar, llegar a su fin You’re too late. The match is over. We lost.
come over visitar Larry and Helen came over last night for dinner. 
come over sentir algo de repente She said she came over dizzy when she looked up.
bend over doblar la parte superior del cuerpo hacia Adelante y hacia abajo mientras está de pie o arrodillado My dad hurt his back when he bent over to pick up some money he’d dropped.
stop over quedarse en un lugar brevemente durante un viaje We’re going to stop over in London on our way to Los Angeles.
talk it over discutir algo entre dos o más personas Paul and Jim talked it over and they’ve decided to be friends again.
take over adquirir algo; ganar el control de algo When the government took over, they stopped the construction project. 
pull over detener un vehículo a un lado de la carretera A huge limousine pulled over and the famous pop star got out of the car.
sleep over pasar la noche en casa de un amigo When I was a teenager, I used to love sleeping over at my friend Mark’s house. 
run over chocar con un peatón, un perro, etc., mientras conduces Her cat was run over yesterday so she’s very upset.
all over algo ha terminado It’s all over – what a dramatic football match!
knock someone over golpear a alguien hasta que se caiga Hey! Be careful where you’re walking. You almost knocked me over!
start over empezar de nuevo I started writing the email but I didn’t know what to say, so I’ve decided to start over.
carry over llevar a I helped Noam to carry some boxes over to his new apartment.
carry over pasar a We haven’t time to talk about the project in this meeting so we’ll have to carry it over to next week.
change over hacer una transición de un sistema a otro The computers haven’t been working very well since we changed over to that new operating system.
check over leer y comprobar Can you check this email over and let me know if there are any mistakes?


Uso de over delante de un verbo

En la mayoría de los casos, over significa ‘demasiado o demasiado de algo.’ Hay combinaciones de palabras con over- como prefijo, lo que significa que over- se añade antes de una palabra, para formar otra palabra. En inglés, demasiado o demasiado de algo o over-, tiene un significado negativo.

Palabras Traducción Ejemplos
overreact sobrereaccionar; exagerar A lot of people are overreacting to the news of the coronavirus and panic-buying in supermarkets.
overuse usar de forma excesiva We all overuse some words or expressions in our writing. It’s natural. 
overwork trabajar más de lo establecido We’re all totally overworked but the company won’t hire new staff.
overbook overbook (vender más plazas o vuelos de los realmente disponibles) The hotel is overbooked so they’re sending us to another place nearby.
overdrawn tener descubierto I hope we get paid soon. I’m overdrawn by more than €300.
overload sobrecargar The truck was overloaded so it fell over on its side on the roundabout.
overstock tener demasiado almacenado They’re selling the shoes at half price because they’re overstocked. 
overfriendly demasiado amigable She’s nice but she was being a bit over friendly with Mike last night.


Ejercicios de   PHRASAL VERBS con OVER

Utilizando OVER + las palabras en la caja, completa las oraciones.

stocked reacts drawn friendly
use worked booked  


  1. My mother always over______ to small things. She always takes something too far. (reacts)
  2. My sister is always over______ to people who don’t really like her. I don’t know why she behaves like that. (friendly)
  3. Don’t over_____ your gadgets. They won’t last long. (use)
  4. I’ve been working every weekend for the last three months. I’m completely over_____. (worked)
  5. Why do hotels get over______? They keep on accepting reservations though they don’t have enough rooms available. (booked)
  6. She has taken too much money from her bank account so she’s ______ . (drawn)
  7. There’s a sale on those products you wanted. They over____ on those shoes. (stocked)


Elige el phrasal verb correcto para la frase subrayada.

The teacher didn’t understand the report submitted by his students, so he had to read it again from the beginning to understand it. (read over) over                   b. look over                       c. stop over

The boss said she will quickly examine the proposal we gave to her yesterday. (look over) over                   b. look over                       c. stop over

The children don’t want to go home yet; they will spend the night at their cousin’s house rather than their own homes. (stay over)

a.sleep over                  b. stay over                        c. stop over

Why don’t you visit me when you arrive tomorrow? (come over)

a.stop over                    b. stay over                        c. come over

We were together for five years. I can’t believe our relationship has ended. (is over) over                          b. fell over                         c. came over

The extra money for rent this month is transferred to the next month. (carried over)

a.carried over                              b. fell over                          c. stopped over

We have started doing the project again; we don’t have much time left. (started over)

a.carried over                              b. started over                  c. all over

My daughter is spending her night at her classmate’s house who lives few blocks from us. (sleeping over)

a.sleeping over            b. running over                c. starting over

Can we discuss this like professionals? (talk over) over                     b. take over                       c. stop over

My flight from Manila to Australia will stay briefly in Incheon for an hour. (stop over)

a.stop over                    b. fall over                          c. come over


Ejercicios de Speaking con PHRASAL VERBS con OVER

  1. Have you ever overreacted to small things that you probably shouldn’t worry about?
  2. How do you get over losing a friend?
  3. Are you someone who reads over a document before signing it even though you know the content?
  4. Have you travelled to other countries? What was the longest stopover you experienced? Where? Tell more about it.
  5. Would you allow you teenage daughter to sleep over in her friend’s house? Why or why not?