Phrasal Verbs con verbo out

Phrasal Verbs con verbo out; En esta lección aprenderemos los phrasal verbs con OUT más comúnmente usados.

Ejemplos de Phrasal Verbs con verbo out

Phrasal verbs con verbo outSignificado de phrasal verbs con verbo outEjemplo
leave out something

leave something out

no incluir algo o a alguienIn test 3, please leave out item numbers five and six.
cut out something

cut something out

eliminar por corte, generalmente papel o telaYou have cut the picture out and paste it on your book.
show out somebody

show somebody out

acompañar a un visitante a la salidaLet me show you out.
see out somebody

see somebody out

acompañar a un visitante a la salidaExcuse me for a while, I’m seeing my visitors out. Just help yourself to some tea.
let out sb/sth

let sb/sth out

permitir que una persona o animal se vaya, abriendo una puerta cerradaI won’t let all of you out if you don’t tell me who throw this paper at me.
lock out sb

lock sb out

evitar que alguien entre en un edificio cerrando la puertaShe doesn’t want to see her boyfriend for now. She’s locked him out.
lock yourself outdejarse accidentalmente las llaves dentro del edificioI locked myself out and I don’t have a spare key.
sort outarreglar las cosas que estaban desordenadas


My daughter’s room is a mess. It took me 30 minutes to sort out her things.
clear outponer en orden eliminando cosas no deseadas


We cleared out all the old things from the garage so we could park the car in there.
wear out

worn out

usar tanto las cosas que se dañanThese shoes are worn out. I’ve been using them for almost three years in a row.
run outagotarWe need to go to the supermarket; we ran out of supplies for the week.
spread outdisponer en una superficie planaSpread the photos out, so everyone can see.
come outestar disponible para comprarThe new book clothes will come out next week.
try outprobar para saber si funciona o decidir si te gustaI’d like to try the car out before I decide to buy it.
help outayudar especialmente con trabajo o dando dineroWe have to help my cousins out with their hospital bills.
lost outno tener la ventaja que otras personas tienenI think I lost out because I didn’t get a university degree.
find outdescubrir informaciónI find out that the new financial reports have some errors. I have to fix them.
figure outencontrar la respuesta a un problemaPlease give me time to figure out how to solve this mess you created.
turn outresultarIt turns out that the project you made is copied from another person.
work outterminar en el buen sentidoI’m glad that everything worked out as planned.
back outno mantener un acuerdoWhy did you back out from our plan?
not cut out forno tener las cualidades necesariasWe’re sorry but you’re not cut out for this job.
roll outlanzar o presentar un nuevo programa o productoThe company plans to roll out their new software early this month.
phase outeliminar gradualmenteBecause of the fast-paced development of smart phones, keypad phones have been phased out.
hang outpasar tiempo socialmente de una manera relajada e informalI often hang out with my colleagues after work. We go for a drink together.
head outsalir, dejar un lugarWe’re heading out for dinner. See you all when we get back.
ask outpedir a alguien que tenga una cita contigoHe asked Helen out three times before she finally said yes.
bail outsaltar de un avión, especialmente cuando está a punto de estrellarseThe pilot managed to bail out before the helicopter hit the mountain.
bail outdejar de hacer algo, especialmente algo difícilWe were playing football for about 20 minutes when Jack bailed out. He injured his ankle.
bail outrescatar a alguien de una situación difícilHis aunt had to bail him out when his company started losing money.
black outperder el conocimientoShe blacked out because she hadn’t eaten for three days.
break outdesarrollarse de repenteA virus has broken out in a small town in the countryside.
come outdarse a conocerIt’s about time that the name of the new CEO came out.
come outresultar


Be careful with your plan. You don’t know how it will come out.
come outdeclarar públicamente la posición de unoReligious leaders have come out against same-sex marriage.
come outrevelar tu homosexualidad, salir del armarioAfter five years of marriage, her husband finally came out.
walk outdejar como señal de protestaShe didn’t like how the meeting was going, so she walked out.
pass outdistribuirPlease pass these papers out to your classmates.
pass outdesmayarseHe was so hungry and tired that he passed out.
put outapagarThe firefighters are having hard time putting out the grass fires in Australia.
put outemitir, publicarSooner or later, we have to put out this article you wrote.


Ejercicios de Phrasal con verbo out

¿Cuál es el significado del phrasal verb con verbo out subrayado en la oración?

  1. Please spread the cakes out, so everyone can see. (arrange on a flat surface)
  1.  arrange on a flat surface
  2. discover some information
  1. The new software will come out this week. (available for people to buy)
  1. end in a good way
  2. available for people to buy
  1. I can’t figure out the answer to this problem. (find the answer to the problem)
  1. find the answer to the problem
  2. discover some information
  1. If you want to know the answer, you have to find it out. (discover some information)
  1. find the answer to the problem
  2. discover some information
  1. When the airplane was about to crash, the pilot bailed out. (jumped out in a plane)
  1. jumped out in a plane
  2. to quit doing something
  1. He had worked as a delivery worker for two weeks when he bailed out. (to stop doing something)
  1. to stop doing something
  2. to rescue someone from a difficult situation
  1. She always bails me out every time I have financial problems. (to rescue someone from a difficult situation)
  1. to stop doing something
  2. to rescue someone from a difficult situation
  1. The truth finally came out after a year of being kept from the public. (to become known)
  1. to become known
  2. to result
  1. She comes out strongly against abortion. (to declare one’s position publicly)
  1. to declare one’s position publicly
  2. to result
  1. You don’t know how things will come out. Be careful. (to result)
  1. to declare one’s position publicly
  2. to result


Busca el phrasal verb correcto para sustituir las frases subrayadas en la oración. Utiliza los phrasal verbs en la caja, algunos se pueden usar más de una vez.

walked output outclear outrun out
pass outshow outworn outphase out
leave outlock outlet outcut out


  1. She didn’t like the idea of merger, so she left as her sign of protest. (walked out)
  2. I asked you to distribute the test papers. Where are they now? (pass out)
  3. The firefighter did their best to extinguish the raging grass fires. (put out)
  4. The company company refused to issue the new software until it was ready. (put out)
  5. I don’t like the idea of him joining our group, so I didn’t include him. (leave out)
  6. Mary, please lead my visitors to the door. They might lose their way. (show out)
  7. I will not allow you to leave unless you tell me the truth. (let out)
  8. The boss doesn’t want to entertain visitors for now, so everyone is prevented from entering his office. (lock out)
  9. Oh no! I can’t go anywhere. I left my keys inside the car. (lock out)
  10. Please remove any unwanted papers in your desk. I only want to see your pens. (clear out)
  11. You have used these shoes too much that they’ve been damaged. Can’t you buy a new pair? (worn out)
  12. We use up all of our milk. I need to go to the supermarket. (run out)
  13. The company gradually removes their non-smart phones from the market. (phase out)
  14. I’m sorry but you don’t have the necessary qualities for this job. Better luck next time. (cut out)


Ejercicios de comunicación  de Phrasal Verbs

  1. Have you experienced applying for a job and you are told that you are not cut out for the position you applied for? Please tell more.
  2. Do you know a famous company in your country who had to phase out their products in the market? Elaborate further.
  3. Do you have a gay friend who finally came out? What made him/her decide to do so?
  4. Have you locked out yourself? Or do you know someone who did? What happened?
  5. Are you aware of the grass fires in Australia? Why was it difficult to put out the fire?