Phrasal verbs con verbo UP

En esta lección aprenderemos algunos phrasal verbs con UP.

Ejemplos de PHRASAL VERBS con verbo UP

Phrasal Verbs con verbo up Traducción Significado y ejemplo
clear up limpiar y ordenar Please clear up all these toys and get ready for bed.
sweep up eliminar la basura o la suciedad del piso con un cepillo We sweep up the floor before and after office hours.
tidy up ordenar un área I have to tidy up my room before my mom arrives.
jumble up mezclar de una manera desordenada I don’t know what to do with your room. Your clothes are all jumbled up.
hang up colgar la ropa en un gancho Don’t forget to hang up your shirts or else they’ll get creased.
clog up obstruir


The toilet is clogged up. Call the plumber.
used up agotado un suministro de algo We don’t have milk in the pantry. Everything is used up.
show up aparecer She didn’t show up for her blind date.
turn up llegar; aparecer She turned up at the meeting although no one had asked her to come.
open up abrir un nuevo negocio o tienda After graduating university, she opened up her own clothing store.
liven up hacer algo más emocionante o interesante When Terry put on some music at the party last night, the atmosphere livened up.
set up (n) la forma en que se arregla algo I don’t like the new set up of the furniture in my office.
set up empezar algo


We set up our own business after we retired from our respective jobs.
divide up separar algo en pequeños grupos We have to divide up the different tasks in the project so we can finish it on time.
chop up cortar


You have to chop up the meat before you put it in the stew.
go up

come up

walk up



This man came up to me in the street and started shouting at me!

I went up to a policeman and tried to tell him what happened.

catch up moverse más rápido que alguien delante de ti para alcanzarlo I ran after my boss as she left the office but I couldn’t catch up with her!
keep up with continuar a la misma velocidad o nivel Please walk slower. I can’t keep up with you.
take up empezar a hacer algo


After her cycling accident, she took up driving lessons.
fix up organizar


Paul fixed up a meeting with the box to discuss the deadlines.
grow up convertirse en adulto He grew up to be a fine man.
wash up lavar los platos, etc. I’ll have my sister wash up after dinner.
give up dejar de intentar o hacer algo Don’t give up on your dreams.
make up

be made up of

consistir en


Children under 15 make up a quarter of the population in the town.

Air is made up of nitrogen and oxygen.

cheer up

cheer somebody up

alegrarse; animar a alguien


Hey cheer up! It’s not the end of the world yet.

The students cheered their teacher up after what happened to her family.

save up ahorrar dinero para comprar algo


If you want to buy your dream car, you have to save up.
blow up explotar The engine caught fire and blew up.
tear something up rasgar en pedazos


Because she was so angry, she tore the papers up.
beat somebody up golpear a alguien The men beat the thief up after he had snatched the lady’s bag.
break up

split up

separarse; romper una relación


Lynn and Frank broke up after five years.
do up abrochar o atar los cordones, botones, etc. My daughter could do up her shoelaces alone when she was two.
do up reparar y mejorar algo The house looks so much better now that you’ve done it up.
put up with something/somebody tolerar


I’m sorry, but I can’t put up with her behavior.
hold up retrasar


The plan was held up due to the lack of money.

Phrasal verbs con  UP

Ejercicios de Phrasal verbs con verbo UP

Une la columna A con la columna B.

  1. The children are asked to remove the rubbish from the floor before going home. (sweep up)
  1. blew up
  1. The toilet is blocked. It won’t flush. (clogged up)
  1. is made up of
  1. Don’t forget to cut the vegetables in small pieces to cook them easily. (chop up)
  1. sweep up
  1. You approach me if you need anything, OK? (come up)
  1. save up
  1. Please move faster, so you can reach them. (catch up)
  1. clogged up
  1. I started doing yoga after I gave birth. (take up)
  1. catch up
  1. This meeting was arranged for business purposes. (fixed up)
  1. take up
  1. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. (is made up of)
  1. fixed up
  1. I save money to pay for this luxurious vacation. (save up)
  1. chop up
  1. The house exploded after it caught fire. (blew up)
  1. come up


Elige el correcto phrasal verb para completar la oración.

  1. If you want to achieve your dreams, continue what you are doing. You’re on the right track, so don’t _____. (give up)
  1. give up                        b. save up                           c. blow up
  1. After ten years of marriage, they decided to ______. They aren’t happy with each other anymore. (break up)
  1. hold up                        b. break up                        c. cheer up
  1. Every time I feel down, my kids are there to ____________. (cheer me up)
  1. cheer me up              b. tear me up                    c. blow me up
  1. Let your brother ______ the dishes, and you tidy up your room. (wash up)
  1. wash up                      b. fix up                                               c. blow up
  1. Please slow down! You’re walking too fast, I can’t ________ you. (keep up)
  1. keep up                       b. tear up                           c. save up
  1. I’m sorry. I can’t _____ with her rude behavior towards the customers. I have to fire her. (put up)
  1. put up                          b. give up                            c. fix up
  1. You know what? Your frequent absences ______ the release of the new project. (held up)
  1.  saved up                   b. held up                            c. gave up
  1. I like the _______ of the bedroom. Everything is arranged according to my plan. (set up)
  1. set up                       b. hold up                           c. chop up
  1. As soon as I graduated university, I ______ my own clothing store. Everything is going smoothly until now. (set up)
  1. fix up                        b. set up                              c. hold up
  1. She _______ to be a strong woman. Someday she’ll be the president, I’m sure of it! (has grown up)
  1. has grown up                 b. has saved up                            c. has fixed up


Ejercicios de comunicación 

  1. Do you still remember the answer of the question, “When you grow up, what will you become”? Tell more about it.
  2. Have you experienced being held up in the airport for a long period of time? What was the reason?
  3. If you wanted to save up for something that you badly want to buy, what would it be? Why?
  4. Have you experienced feeling such an extreme anger that you almost blew up? Elaborate.
  5. In your country, what age group makes up the majority of the population? What is its impact to the future generation?