Vocabulario sobre el desarrollo del producto en inglés

Vocabulario sobre el desarrollo del producto en inglés; En esta lección aprenderemos diferente vocabulario usado en el desarrollo de producto hasta el lanzamiento de dicho producto o servicio.

Investigación de mercado (Market Research)

La investigación de mercado (market research) se refiere a la actividad o acción de recopilar información sobre el objetivo de mercado dónde el producto o servicio está a punto de ofrecerse para la venta. El concepto original (original concept), la primera idea concebida en la mente, es la base para hacer la investigación de mercado.

Formas de hacer investigación de mercado:

Significado Traducción
surveys (online or email) a set of information asked or sent to people to gather information or find their opinions by asking the same set of questions encuestas
interviews (phone or face-to-face) a conversation asking someone about his opinion on certain products and services, so that it can be improved better entrevistas
questionnaires (online or mail) a list of questions asked to a group of people to gather information about certain products or services cuestionarios
focus group  a group of people gathered together to discuss their opinion about certain products or services grupo de debate
consumer panels similar to focus groups panel de consumidores

Una vez que se ha recogido la información y se ha hecho la investigación de mercado, espués de la investigación de mercado the market research is done and information is gathered, los investigadores harán un pronóstico de ventas (sales forecast), una estimación de cuantos servicios o productos se venderán.


Desarrollo y lanzamiento (Development and launch)

Los siguientes términos se usan en el desarrollo de producto en las diferentes industrias:

Términos Significado Traducción
final version the final software product after the alpha and beta versions where all problems have been fixed versión final
beta version software that is in its second stage of testing where consumers are asked to use it to check if there are any problems versión beta
alpha version the earliest form of a software product which is being tested to check if it is working correctly versión inicial
bugs an error or mistake in a computer program error
CAD (computer-assisted design) the use of computers to help design products diseño asistido por ordenador
researcher someone who studies or discovers new information investigador
testing or trials a test for a period of time to discover how effective a drug is pruebas o ensayos
industrial scale the large size of the industry escala industrial

Software companies let the consumer use the beta versions of their product to test if there are any problems in the programs to be fixed and solved before creating the final version.

Due to advance technologies, car designers use CAD to assist in the design of their cars.

Pharmaceutical companies paid a huge amount of money to their researchers before they develop new drugs to be rolled out in the market after series of trials.

Vocabulario sobre el desarrollo del producto en inglés

Algunos de los términos usados en el desarrollo de producto y su lanzamiento son:

Términos Significado Traducción
roll out to make a new product/service available for the first time in the market dar a conocer, lanzar
product launch the process of introducing a product/service for the first time and getting the consumers’ attention lanzamiento de producto
design defect any problems or issues found in the product after it is launched defecto de diseño
recall to return the products that have been purchased so that the defects can be solved and fixed retirar

During a product launch, companies make sure that the design defects are known and resolved immediately. If too many products experience design defects, they may decide to recall the product.

Ejercicios de Vocabulario sobre el desarrollo del producto en inglés

1.1 Elección múltiple. Elige la mejor respuesta.

  1. A type of market research where someone is asked about their opinion of the product or service in person or over the phone in order to improve it. (interview)
  2. interview                    b. focus groups                c. consumer panels
  3.  A kind of market research where the same set of information is sent to people for information gathering about products or services. (survey)
  4. survey                         b. interview                       c. focus groups
  5. A group of people gathered to discuss their opinion about products or services. (focus group)
  6. survey                         b. focus group                  c. interviews
  7. A list of questions asked to some people for information gathering purposes. (questionnaires)
  8. survey                         b. questionnaires            c. interviews
  9. Another term for focus groups. (consumer panel)
  10. consumer panel       b. interview                       c. survey


1.2 Rellena los huecos con el término correcto de la caja.

bugs CAD beta version researchers
final version trials product launch recall


  • Software companies used the (1) ______ of their software products to check for any problems in this version. If they found (2) ______ in the product, they had to fix them before launching the (3) ______ , which should be error-free.
  • Computer hardware companies nowadays use (4) ______ to help in the design of devices like computer mice, keyboards, and screens.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, (5) ______ gather and discover new information before developing new medicines. Once these medicines are developed, the company does a lot of (6) ______ to see how effective the medicines are before introducing them to the market.
  • During the (7) ______ , the product is introduced for the first time in the market. The purpose of this is to gather information about (8) ______ in the product. If defects are found and many people have purchased the product, the company (9) ______ the products to fix the defects or problems.

1. beta version, 2. bugs, 3. final version, 4. CAD, 5. researchers, 6. trials, 7. product launch, 8. design defects, 9. recall


Ejercicios de comunicación de vocabulario sobre el desarrollo del producto en inglés

  1. Why is research important in the development of a product?
  2. Are surveys reliable? What about other market research types?
  3. Have you experienced buying a defective product? What did you do?
  4. Is it necessary to recall damaged products?
  5. What is the effect of defective products to the company making them?