Phrasal Verbs con off

Phrasal Verbs con off; En esta lección aprenderemos algunos de los phrasal verbs con OFF más usados.

Uso de off en los phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs con off Significado Ejemplo
lift off despegar The drone lifted off slowly but then it hit a branch and fell.
head off empezar un viaje o dejar un lugar We should head off early if we want to find a place to park.
send off enviar una carta, documento o paquete por correo I sent off the package yesterday so it should arrive to you in three or four days.
slip off escabullirse Wendy was really tired so she decided to slip off home.
clear off dejar un lugar rápidamente (informal) When the police turned up, all the kids cleared off in a flash.
see sb off despedir a alguien en una estación, aeropuerto, etc. Paul came to the airport to see me off.
sell off vender todo o parte de un negocio The company has closed down and sold off all its assets
doze off dormirse, especialmente durante el día As soon as the movie started, I dozed off and missed the whole thing!
break (it) off terminar una relación I can’t believe Tina and Tom broke it off after five years together!
run off escribir algo rápidamente, que generalmente es difícil de escribir Could you run off a mail to the team and explain why we can’t give them bonuses this year?
put sb off hacer que algo no te guste That documentary I watched on Netflix put me off eating meat forever.
put sth. off posponer Ryan’s sick today so we had to put off the meeting until next week.
off-putting adjetivo que significa hacer algo desagradable o poco atractivo The dish was delicious but the color was a bit off-putting.
hold off retrasar hacer algo I think we should hold off telling the kids that the cat has died. We’ll just say it’s gone missing.
turn sb off rechazar, desalentar When I found out how expensive that new mobile phone is, that really put me off buying it.
laugh sth off reírse de algo desagradable para que parezca menos importante o grave I was really upset when they fired Vicky, but she just laughed it off.
bring off llevar a cabo, tener éxito en algo difícil The team brought off an important victory by winning that contract.
call off cancelar They couldn’t get funding for the project so they called the whole thing off.
cut off desconectar Our electricity got cut off for three hours because of the storm.
lay off despedirse de un trabajo The company laid off 50 workers last months – things are not going well.
live off vivir de You can’t go on living off your parents forever. Go out and get a job.
pay off saldar Charlotte had big credit card debts but she paid them all off in a year.
take off convertirse en un éxito Business has really taken off since we started using social media to promote our products.
write off dar de baja, aceptar una pérdida The company is trying to write off its debts but the bank is insisting they pay them off.
come off tener éxito The deal didn’t come off so we had to drop the project.
drop off descargar o entregar This handsome guy dropped off these flowers for you, Phoebe.
drop off disminuir, reducir The number of students has dropped off in the last few years. We might have to close the academy.
fight off mantener a alguien o a algo alejado, rechazar I’ve been trying to fight off the flu for a while but it finally got me. I feel terrible.
get off recibir un castigo menor de lo que cabría esperar We all though he was going to be sent to prison but he got off with a fine.
get off (on) obtener placer Tanya seems to get off on making other people suffer.
go off explotar A bomb went off in the city center.
go off tener lugar, ocurrir The party went off really well and everyone had a great time.

Phrasal Verbs con off

Ejercicios de Phrasal Verbs con off

Elige el significado del phrasal verb subrayado en la oración.

The plane lifts off at exactly 10 in the morning. (leave the ground)
a.leave the ground                                    b. leave a place

We are heading off to the countryside to visit my grandparents. (leave a place and start a journey)
a.leave a place and start a journey                     b. leave the ground

I’m going to the post office to send these letters off to my sister. (send a letter or document)
a.send a letter or document                              b. sell all or part of a business

He wasn’t having fun at the party, so he slipped off. (leave a place quietly that people didn’t notice you)
a.leave a place quietly that people didn’t notice you     b.leave the place and start a journey

I’m going to the station to see my parents off. (go to the airport to say goodbye)
a.leave a place quietly that people didn’t notice you     b. go to the airport to say goodbye

The class is so boring that everyone starts to doze off. (gradually starts to sleep)
a. gradually starts to sleep      b. suddenly stop speaking

My father decided to sell off the business because nobody wants to take his place as CEO. (sell all or part of a business)
a.sell all or part of a business    b.not to sell the business

They were only going out for a few weeks when he decided to broke it off. (end a relationship)
a. end a relationship     b. suddenly went out

I don’t know how she managed to run off this article in an hour. (quickly and easily write something that is difficult to write)
a.quickly and easily write something that is difficult to write     b.suddenly stop speaking

She always holds off her plan to visit her parent in Japan. (delay doing something)
a. delay doing something    b. make someone decide that they are not interested in something


¿Cuál es el significado de los phrasal verbs subrayados?

  1. Sales of the book have started to take off. (to do well)
  2. We’re going to head off but thanks for the cup of tea and the chat. (to have recently recovered)
  3. We decided to drop our things off in the hotel, so we can enjoy our trip. (to unload)
  4. They fought off some fierce competition but they won in the end. (to keep something away)
  5. The bomb went off. Good thing nobody got hurt. (exploded)
  6. How did the party go off last night? (to happen in a particular manner)
  7. I don’t know how she managed to put you off coming with us to the beach. (to persuade somebody not to like something)
  8. She always puts off her plan of going to university. (postpone)
  9. The children get off on going to the amusement park. (to give great pleasure)
  10. How did you get off with a fine? You committed a crime. (to receive lesser punishment what might be expected)


Ejercicio de comunicación

  1. What is something that you always put off due to time constraints?
  2. Patience is a virtue, however there are situations that you feel like going off. Have you been in that situation? Tell more.
  3. Have you experienced being laid off from work? What happened? If not, anyone whom you know?
  4. Was there an instance when you feel like bursting out of anger but you just laugh it off? Tell me more.
  5. How do you fight off somebody who is so kind to you, but you think that his/her kindness is way too much?