Carrera profesional en inglés: Vocabulario

Carrera profesional en inglés: Vocabulario. En cualquier trabajo, la carrera profesional significa el progreso desde el puesto de entrada a niveles superiores. Cada etapa del puesto significa un salario más alto, requiere habilidades mayores y se enfrenta a más obligaciones y responsabilidades. En esta lección aprenderemos el vocabulario que utilizamos cuando hablamos sobre nuestra carrera profesional.

A JOB FOR LIFE en tu carrera profesional en inglés

A job for life is a job that you can stay in all your working life. People work hard in one company until they reach retirement. Working for one company ensures your career path because you can work your way up the career ladder, get a promotion and get higher pay as well. Getting promoted means higher pay but with requires more duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled. If you do well in your position, you are less likely to get a demotion. If you’re not happy anymore with the company, then you can resign by handing in your notice. People also resign due to career move.


job for lifetrabajo para toda la vidatrabajo en el que puedes seguir trabajando toda tu vida profesional
retirementjubilacióndejar de trabajar debido a la vejez
career pathtrayectoria profesionalla forma en la que progresas en tu trabajo
career laddercarrera profesionalserie de progresos laborales desde el nivel de entrada hasta el puesto más alto
career movecambio profesionalcambio que se hace para conseguir un trabajo mejor o tener éxito en el trabajo
promotionpromociónacto de ascender a alguien a una posición o rango superior
demotiondegradacióncambio a un puesto inferior
resignrenunciardejar tu trabajo diciendole a tu empleador que lo dejas


Phrasal Verbs útiles sobre Jobs y Careers para tu carrera profesional en inglés

Phrasal verbTraducciónSignificado
hand in your noticeentregar tu renuncia o dimisióndecirle a tu empleador que dejas el trabajo después de un periodo de tiempo concreto
get aheaddestacartener éxito en el trabajo que realizas
take onaceptaraceptar un trabajo o responsabilidad
fill incompletarcompletar información
step downrenunciar, dejardejar tu trabajo a alguien que puede hacerlo
hand overpasar a alguiendar la responsabilidad a otra persona
take overtomar el controlempezar a tener control sobre algo
carry outllevar a cabohacer o completar algo
pull togethertrabajar en grupotrabajar juntos para conseguir algo


To get ahead of your job, you should know every detail of what your job entails.

Before I take on the job, my employer fills me in with all the information about my position.

When my father reached retirement, he stepped down and handed over his job to my older brother.

When my older brother took over the company, he carried out some important changes in the company and made sure that everyone pulled together to achieve the company’s goals.



When the economic crisis hit most companies, many of them had downsized and delayered. They reduced the number of levels of management and many managers lost their jobs. Many companies reorganized and restructured their companies to stay flatter and leaner. They did this for cost reduction and increasing efficiency and profit.

In some cases, many companies outsourced many jobs done by in-house personnel. They also used more freelancers and employ people for short periods on temporary contracts. The companies expected flexibility in this situation, but for employees this meant job insecurity. The companies discussed the way the employees were doing jobs through performance reviews.

economic crisiscrisis económicasituación en la que la economía de un país experimenta una recesión repentina provocada por una crisis financiera
downsizereducirhacer una empresa más pequeña reduciendo el número de trabajadores
delayereliminar nivelesreducir los diferentes niveles de empleados de una empresa u organización
reorganizereorganizarcambiar la forma en que está organizada una empresa para mejorarla
restructurereestructurarorganizar una empresa de una forma nueva para hacerla más efectiva
flatter tener menos capas de gestión
leaner tener menos empleados y más productivos
cost reductionreducción de costesproceso de reducir la cantidad de dinero gastado en salarios, producción, etc., para hacerlo más rentable
efficiencyeficienciabuen uso de tiempo y dinero que no malgasta nada


dinero que se gana en el comercio o negocio después de pagar los costes de producción y venta de bienes y servicios
outsourceexternalizardejar que parte del trabajo de una empresa, lo haga otra empresa
in-house hecho dentro de una organización o empresa por sus empleados en lugar de por otras personas
freelancers personas que trabajan en diferentes proyectos para diferentes empresas en lugar de ser empleados de una empresa
temporary contractcontrato temporalestar empleado por un corto periodo de tiempo
flexibilityflexibilidadcualidad de ser capaz de cambiar o adaptarse fácilmente según la situación
job insecurityinseguridad laboralsensación de que uno puede no durar mucho en su trabajo
performance reviewevaluación del desempeñoreunion regular de los empleados con su gerente para discutir acerca del desempeño de sus funciones


¿Qué significa to LOSE YOUR JOB?

Si haces algo mal, eres:Si no has hecho nada mal, eres:
dismissedlaid off
firedmade redundant
sackedlet go
terminatedoffered early retirement

Employees who are made redundant, means losing their job because their employer no longer needs them, are offered placement advice about finding another job or retraining, especially for an executive whose job has ended or is leaving the company.


Ejercicios sobre Carrera profesional en inglés: Vocabulario

Une la columna A con la columna B.

1.       Henry has worked for one company all his life. (f)a.       career move
2.       Mary started as an encoder. After a year, she became an executive secretary. (c)b.       career ladder
3.       Mike worked as an IT programmer for ten years, but he decided to work for another company who offered him a higher position. (a)c.       promotion
4.       ABC Inc. offers its employees a series of job progressions from the entry level to a higher position. (b)d.       demotion
5.       Naomi worked in ABC Inc all her working life until she reached old age. She is now enjoying her life on vacation. (e)e.       retirement
6.       The managers have frequent meetings with their employers to discuss how the jobs are done. (g)f.        resign
7.       Kyle isn’t happy with his current job, so he handed over his notice to his boss. (f)g.       performance review

Completa el texto.

ABC Inc. suffered during the financial crisis. The company decided to (1) _______ by reducing their number of employees. It (2) _______ to reduce the different levels of its staff and (3) _______ the whole company. In order for the company to operate more effectively, it (4) ________, to keep (5) _______, with fewer layers of management, and (6) ________ with fewer and more productive employees. The company made some (7) ________ on salaries to make it more profitable. It wanted to also promote job efficiency and increase their (8) ________.

  1. downsize flatter
  2. delayered leaner
  3. reorganized cost reductions
  4. restructure profits


Elección múltiple. Elige la mejor respuesta.

  1. To be employed for a short period of time (b)
  2. job insecurity temporary contract   c. freelancers
  3. To have part of the company’s work done by another company (b)
  4. cost reduction outsourcing                  c. in-house
  5. The process of reducing money spent on wages, production, etc. (a)
  6. cost reduction restructure                   c. downsizing
  7. To make the company smaller by reducing the number of employees (c)
    1. cost reduction restructure                   c. downsizing
  8. To change the way the company is organized for more effective production (c)
    1. cost reduction restructure   c. reorganize
  9. The company has fewer layers of management (a)
    1. flatter leaner             c. downsize
  10. The good use of money and time to avoid waste (a)
    1. efficiency cost reduction             c. flatter
  11. The money earned by the company in trade or in business less all the costs of production and selling of goods and services (a)
    1. profit income                           c. expenses
  12. The company has fewer and more productive employees (b)
    1. flatter leaner                             c. delayer
  13. A situation in which the country experience downturn (c)
    1. downsizing restructure                   c. economic crisis

Usa los phrasal verbs en la caja para completar las oraciones.

step downpull togetherhand over
take overget aheadcarry out
  1. My father has reached retirement, so he ________ his position to a successor. (is handing over)
  2. The president has ________ from his position, and the vice president is going to his post. (stepped down)
  3. After the new CEO assumes his post, he is going to ________ major changes in the company. (carry out)
  4. The employers ________ and followed the new rules set by the new president. (pulled together)
  5. When the new CEO ________ after his father retired, he was welcomed by all the employees. (took over)
  6. If you want to ________ in your job, you have to use all your talent and creativity. (get ahead)

Ejercicio de comunicación sobre Carrera profesional en inglés: Vocabulario

  1. What is your dream job?
  2. What will you do to achieve your dream job?
  3. In your job, where do you see yourself five years from now?
  4. Have you been promoted in your job? What changes did you experience after the promotion?
  5. Is it better to work in a high paying job even though you’re not happy, or work with an average salary buy you’re happy?