Fabricación y servicios en inglés (Manufacturing and services)

Fabricación y servicios en inglés (Manufacturing and services) ; La industria (incontable) es la producción de productos y servicios o las personas y actividades involucradas en la producción de bienes y servicios. Una industria (contable) se refiere a una actividad particular o tipo de negocio.

En esta lección aprenderemos diferente vocabulario relacionado con la industria y los servicios.


¿Cuáles son algunos ejemplos de industrias manufactureras y de servicios en inglés?

Una industria manufacturera es una industria que produce bienes.

Una industria de servicios provee servicios intangibles a personas como servicio al cliente, administración, asesoramiento, conocimiento, diseño, datos y experiencia.

Algunos ejemplos de industrias comunes manufactureras y de servicios:

Industria manufacturera Productos
aerospace aircraft and spacecraft
automotive cars and car parts
steel and metal iron, steel, aluminum
construction  building, houses
defense weapons and arms
food processing baked goods, grains, fruits and vegetables
household goods washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
pharmaceuticals medicines
textiles cloth and fabric
beverage and tobacco  wine, soft drinks, cigarettes
apparel ready-to-wear clothes like shirts, blouses
leather and allied product leather and leather substitutes, rubbers
wood products lumber, plywood
paper paper products
chemical pesticides, fertilizers, etc.
petroleum and coal transforming crude petroleum and coal into usable consumer products



Industria de servicios Servicios
catering restaurants, bars, etc.
computer software programs for computers
financial services insurance, loans, banking
healthcare medical care
leisure sports, theme parks
media books, newspapers, TV, film
real estate buying, selling and managing buildings
retail  shops
telecommunications phone, internet service
tourism travel and holidays


Combinaciones de palabras comunes con industry:

Combinación de palabras Significado
primary industry the most important industry in the country or area; an industry that produces energy or basic materials like coal, oil metals, crops, etc.
mature industry describing an industry that is not new and not likely to grow quickly in the future
smokestack industry produces large machines or materials used in other industries and creates pollution
basic industry a type of industry that produces materials that are supplied to other industries such as mining, oil and gas
extractive industries the people, company or activities involved in removing oil, coal, metals, etc. from the ground
essential industry describes an industry that may be protected or supported by the government because it is necessary for national economy
cottage industry a small business where people work from home
growth industry describes an industry that is developing quickly
heritage industry an industry of managing place important to the area’s history and encouraging people to visit them
agro-industry the part of the economy related to farming and farm products
infant industry a new industry that is in its early development
light industry industry that makes small things and does not need to use large machines
regulated industry describes a type of business that is controlled by government rules
sunset industry describes an industry that has existed for a long time that is less successful and making less profit than before
sunrise industry describes an industry that produces new products or services and is expected to grow quickly


Ejercicios sobre Fabricación y servicios en inglés (Manufacturing and services)

Identifica si las siguientes industrias son manufacturing o service.

  1. internet service                               manufacturing / service (service)
  2. wine and cigarettes        manufacturing / service (manufacturing)
  3. leather and rubbers       manufacturing / service (manufacturing)
  4. restaurants and bars      manufacturing / service (service)
  5. textiles like fabric            manufacturing / service (manufacturing)
  6. travel agency                    manufacturing / service (service)
  7. airplane                               manufacturing / service (manufacturing)
  8. medicines                          manufacturing / service (manufacturing)
  9. insurance, banking         manufacturing / service (service)
  10. computer programs       manufacturing / service (service)
  11. managing buildings        manufacturing / service (service)
  12. shirts and blouses           manufacturing / service (manufacturing)
  13. books and newspapers manufacturing / service (service)
  14. pesticides                           manufacturing / service (manufacturing)
  15. theme parks                      manufacturing / service (service)


Une la columna A con la columna B

  1. agro-industry (i)
  1. a small business at home
  1. regulated industry (h)
  1. involved in removing oil, coal from the ground
  1. infant industry (d)
  1. an industry managing historical sites
  1. cottage industry (a)
  1. a new industry that is in its early development
  1. extractive industry (b)
  1. protected or supported by the government because it is necessary for national economy
  1. heritage industry (c)
  1. described as the most important industry of a country
  1. essential industry (e)
  1. produces large machines which even creates pollution
  1. basic industry (j)
  1. an industry controlled by government rules
  1. primary industry (f)
  1. related to farm and farming
  1. smokestack industry (g)
  1. an industry that produce materials that are supplied to other industries such as oil and gas


Ejercicios de comunicación  sobre Fabricación y servicios en inglés (Manufacturing and services)

  1. Do you work for a manufacturing or service industry?
  2. Where would you prefer to work: in the manufacturing or service industry? Explain further.
  3. In your country, do industries have the same products or services grouped in one area?
  4. If given the chance to open your own company, would you go for the manufacturing or service industry?
  5. Cite at least one famous manufacturing and one famous service industry in your country. What makes them famous?