Hablar por teléfono en inglés: Expresiones útiles

El teléfono es una parte esencial de la vida, especialmente el teléfono móvil. Hablar con alguien por teléfono es tan bueno como hablar con él en persona. En esta lección, aprenderemos a hablar por teléfono en inglés: Expresiones útiles

Hablar por teléfono en inglés: Expresiones útiles

Expresiones para hablar por teléfono en inglés Cómo se usan
Hello, John here. (caller unknown)

 Hi, Jody. How are you?

Hey, John. What’s up?

Hi, Ann. It’s John.

Para contestar el teléfono (INFORMAL)
Hello? John speaking. (caller unknown)

John Smith speaking. May I know who’s on the line, please? (unknown caller)

Doctor Smith’s office. May I know who’s calling, please? (unknown caller)

Thank you for calling ABC Company. Jane speaking.

City Library. Mike speaking. What can I do for you, John?

Para contestar el teléfono (FORMAL)
Hey Jane. It’s John calling. (informal)

Hello, this is Jane Jones calling.

Hi. It’s Jane from the doctor’s office here. 

Hello Shawn. This is Allen from Boyz Autobody.

Para presentarte
Hi. Is Jane there? (informal)

Can you put John on? (informal)

Can I talk to John? Tell him it’s Mary calling. (informal)

May I speak to Mr. Smith in the HR department, please? (formal)

Good morning. Is Dr. Smith, available?

Para pedir hablar con alguien
Just a sec. I’ll get John. (informal)

Hang on a moment. I’ll see if John is in. (informal)

One moment please. I’ll see if he is available.

Hold the line, please. I’ll put you through in a moment.

Please hold while I put you through the manager’s office.

All of our staff are busy at the moment. Please hold for the next available person.

Para pasar la llamada a alguien
Could you please repeat that?

Would you mind spelling that for me?

Could you speak up a little, please?

Could you speak a little slower, please? My English isn’t very good, I’m afraid.

Could you let me know when she’ll be coming back to the office, please?

Would you mind calling back in an hour? I’m in a meeting right now.

Can you call again? I think we have a bad connection.

Please don’t call this number again.

Please hold for just a minute? I have another call.

Para hacer una petición
Can I take a message?

Would like to leave a message?

John’s not in. I can tell him you called if you like. (informal)

No, that’s ok. I will call him later. (informal)

I’m sorry, but Jane’s not here at the moment. Can I take a message?

I’m afraid he stepped out.  Would you like to leave a message?

She’s busy right now. Would you like her to return your call?

He’s in a meeting at the moment. Can he call you back when he’s free?

Fine. I’ll let him know you called.

I’ll make sure she gets your message.

Para tomar un mensaje
Can I leave a message?

Would you mind giving her a message?

Would it be possible to leave a message?

Could you tell her John called?

I don’t think he has my number. Do you a pen and paper handy?

Thanks. It’s James Smith and my number is 1234567.

Para dejar un mensaje
Let me repeat that to make sure. It’s James Smith at 1234567.

Was that 545 Charles Street, Apartment 98?

I’ll make sure he gets the message.

It’s Jane, right? And you won’t be at the office until afternoon? (informal)

Okay, got it. I’ll let him know.

Para confirmar un mensaje
Hey, John here. What’s up? Let me know after the tone, ok? (informal)

You’ve reached 1234567. Please leave a message after the tone. Thank you.

Liza, here. I’m sorry I can’t take your call now, but if you leave a message after the tone, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. (informal)

Thank you for calling Dr. Smith’s office. Our hours are 9am to 5pm. Please call back during these hours or leave a message after the tone. If this is an emergency, please call the hospital at 2314567.

Frases de contestador automático y de buzón de voz
Hey Mike. It’s John. Call me, ok? (informal)

Hi, this is John calling. Could you please return my call as soon as possible? My number is 8769876. Thank you.

Hi John. This is Mary calling from Doctor Smith’s office. I would just like to remind you of your schedule check up next Monday. Please call us to make an appointment at your earliest convenient time. Thank you.

Para dejar un mensaje en el contestador automático o buzón de voz
Well, I guess I’d better get going. Talk again soon, ok? (informal)

Thanks for calling. Bye for now.

I have another call coming through. I’d better run.

I have to let you go now.

I’m afraid that’s my other line.

I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye Jane. 

Para terminar una conversación

Ejercicios  con expresiones de hablar por teléfono en inglés

Esta es una conversación entre John Smith, un hombre de negocios que quiere concertar una cita con el director de ABC Company para discutir un nuevo proyecto, y una secretaria.

Rellena los huecos usando la frase / frases en la caja mejores para hablar por teléfono en inglés.

as soon as he gets in could I speak to expect him back get in touch give you my phone number
let me repeat it see you set up a meeting speaking would you like to leave a message


Secretary:           Good afternoon, ABC Company, Margie Baker 1. _____________? (speaking)

John:     Hello, this is John Smith from IDATA, Inc.  2. _______________ to Mr. Mike Jones, please? (Could I speak)

Secretary:           I’m afraid Mr. Jones is out of the office. 3. _________________? (Would you like to leave a message)

John:     I was hoping to 4. ______________ with him for next Tuesday. Do you know if he can accommodate me on that day? (set up a meeting)

Secretary:           Mr. Jones is on a business trip, and we don’t know 5. _______ until next Friday, but he could 6. _________ the following Monday afternoon. (expect him back / see you)

John:     I’m afraid I’m unavailable on Monday. Let me 7. _______________ and could you ask him to 8. ________________with me as soon as he arrives? My phone number is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. (give you my phone number / get in touch)

Secretary:           9. __________. It’s 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. (Let me repeat it.)

John:     That’s right.

Secretary:           Fine. I’ll ask him to call you 10. ________________ (as soon as he gets in)

John:     Thank you. Goodbye.

Secretary:           Goodbye.


Elige la frase/frases correctas para completar la oración.

Hello. Could I _____ Sam Johnsons, please. (speak to)

a.speak                    b. speaking                        c. speak to

__________________ Mr. Johnsons is in a meeting at the moment.  (I’m afraid)

a.I’m afraid                            b. I’m glad                          c. I’m happy that

Can I __________? (take your message)

a.take your call     b. take your message    c. take your name

Yes, please. Could you ask him to ________. This is Mike Peters. He has my number. Thank you. (call me back later)

a.call me back later            b.   see me back later      c. take me back later

Jonas:    Good afternoon, could I speak to Mike Anderson, please?

Mike:    Yes, _________.  (speaking)

a.speak                    b. speaking                        c. speaking with

Jonas:   Mr. Anderson, ________ Jonas Lewis. (This is)

a.This is                    b. Is this                              c. Here is

Mr. Anderson ________ a letter I received this morning from your company. (I’m calling about)

a.I’m calling                            b. I’m calling for                               c. I’m calling with

Voicemail recording:      Hello. This is ICOM International. There’s no one to ______________ at the moment. (answer your call)

a.answer your call               b. entertain your call      c. take up your call

Please ______________ after the tone. Thank you. (leave a message)

a.leave a reply      b. leave a message         c. leave a call

Connecting a call: ______ please while I put you through the legal department. (Hold the line)

a.Hold the phone                b. Hold the line                 c. Hold your breath


Ejercicio de Speaking

  1. How many phone calls do you make and receive in a day? What are some of these about?
  2. Have you tried receiving a phone call while you are in a call? How did you manage it?
  3. How many people in your family have mobile phones?  Are mobile phones a necessity nowadays?
  4. What are some of the rude telephone manners in your culture/country?
  5. Have you ever found an enemy because of a wrong phone call? Tell more about it.