Vocabulario sobre problemas en el trabajo en inglés

Problemas en el trabajo en inglés; En cualquier lugar de trabajo, no podemos evitar tener problemas. Sin embargo, si estos problemas no se tratan inmediatamente, pueden conducir a problemas cada vez más graves.

En esta lección aprenderemos los diferentes problemas experimentados en cualquier lugar de trabajo.


Salud y seguridad en el trabajo (Health and safety at work)

Salud y seguridad (Health and safety) son un conjunto de reglas destinadas a proteger a las personas de enfermedades o lesiones causadas por su trabajo.

Algunos de los problemas de salud y seguridad para las personas en el trabajo son:

temperature extremesbeing exposed to high temperature and humidity and cool and freezing temperaturetemperaturas extremas
passive smokingthe unwanted breathing in of other people’s cigarette smoke, especially by those who don’t smokefumador pasivo
repetitive strain injurya painful medical condition that can cause damage to your hand, wrists and backslesión por esfuerzo repetitivo
dangerous machinerymachinery inside the production area that can harm one if not operated accuratelymaquinaria peligrosa
hazardous substancessubstances that are dangerous and likely to cause damagesustancias peligrosas
fire hazardsworkplace hazards that involve the presence of flame or the risk of uncontrolled fireriesgo de incendio
heating and air-conditioningthe technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort; provides thermal comfort and acceptable air qualitycalefacción y aire acondicionado
first aidbasic medical treatment given to someone as soon as possible after being hurtprimeros auxilios
fire precautionsthe measures taken and the fire protection features provided in a building to minimize outbreak of fireprevención de incendios

Being exposed to extreme temperature has different effects to the workers.

If a worker meets and accident and get injured, he must be treated with first aid before bringing him to a nearby hospital.

The management should ensure that the workplace is safe from any fire hazards.

The fire department randomly checks building to see if proper fire precautions are met.

Any hazardous substances should be kept in a place that could harm no one.


Intimidación y acoso (Bullying and harassment)

Intimidación /acoso (Bullying) es el comportamiento de una persona que hiere o asusta a alguien que es más débil o menos poderoso que él y que a menudo obliga a la persona a hacer cosas que no quiere.

Acoso (Harassment) es un comportamiento ilegal de una persona que causa sufrimiento mental o emocional. Esto incluye contacto no deseado sin un propósito razonable, insultos, amenazas, o lenguaje ofensivo.

Acoso sexual (Sexual harassment) es una atención o conversación sexual no deseada u ofensiva, especialmente de un empleador u otra persona en una posición de poder.

Vocabulario relacionado con el acoso en el lugar de trabajo en inglés:

bullysomeone who hurts or frightens someone elseacosador/a
harassto continue to upset or annoy someone over a period of timeacosar
hostile(environment) difficult or not suitable for workinghostil
intimidatedfrightened or nervous due to lack of confidence in a situationintimidado / a
offendto make someone upset or angryofender
offensivecausing someone to be upset or to have hurt feelingsofensivo
derogatoryexpressing criticism or insultdespectivo/a
embarrassedfeeling ashamed or shyavergonzado/a; turbado/a
gossipconversation or reports about other people which are unkind, disapproving or untruecotilleo
rumoran unofficial, interesting story or news that might be invented or true and is communicated quickly from person to personrumor
abusiveusing rude or offensive wordsabusivo/a
retaliationthe act of hurting someone or doing something harmful because they have done or said something harmful to yourepresalias
penaltya punishment for doing something that is against the rulepenalización; multa

Discriminación en el lugar de trabajo (Discrimination in the workplace)

Discriminación (Discrimination) es la práctica de tratar a las personas de manera injusta. La Discriminación (Discrimination) tiene diferentes formas. Cualquiera que sea la forma, la gerencia debe tomar medidas para asegurarse de que esta discriminación no se produce en la empresa.

Vocabulario sobre discriminación en inglés:

sex discriminationthe treatment of men and women differently, especially unfair treatment of women in the workplacediscriminación sexual
glass ceilinga limit that is unofficial but understood which prevents a woman from advancing to a top position in a companytecho de cristal
racial discriminationunfair treatment of someone because of their racediscriminación racial
racistsomeone who believes that other races are not as good as their own race and treats them unfairlyracista
affirmative action/ equal opportunitygiving preference to women, or other groups that are often treated unfairly when choosing people for the jobacción positiva / igualdad de oportunidades
dignity at work policya set of rules to prevent employees from being treated badly at workpolítica de dignidad en el trabajo



Ejercicios sobre Problemas en el trabajo en inglés

Une la columna A con la columna B.

1.       My job involves a lot of typing. I do this all day, and now I’m getting back pains and pains in my wrists (B)a.       passive smoking
2.       My doctor said that there’s something wrong in my lungs caused by cigarette smoke, but I don’t smoke. How can this be? (A)b.       repetitive stain injury
3.       The machine doesn’t have protective shields, so be extra careful. (D)c.       fire precautions
4.       Please remove anything that can cause fire. (E)d.       dangerous machinery
5.       My officemate got injured when the coffeemaker broke down. We applied bandages on her wounds before taking her to a hospital. (F)e.       fire hazards
6.       The building is equipped with fire extinguishers. (C)f.        first aid
7.       These chemicals should be stored and kept well in an appropriate place. (G)g.       hazardous substance

Elección múltiple. Elige la respuesta correcta sobre Vocabulario de los problemas en el trabajo en inglés

  1. A behavior of someone who hurts others who are less powerful or weaker. (bullying)
  2. discrimination b. bullying                          c. sexual harassment
  3. An unwanted or offensive sexual comment from an employer to a person of lower position. (sexual harassment)
  4. discrimination b. bullying                          c. sexual harassment
  5. Conversation reports about other people which are untrue and unkind. (gossip)
  6. rumor b. gossip                             c. bullying
  7. A statement which expresses criticism or insult. (derogatory)
  8. offensive b. derogatory                   c. embarrassed
  9. The act of hurting someone because that someone hurt you. (retaliation)
  10. retaliation b. derogatory                   c. offensive
  11. A punishment for doing something that is against the rule. (penalty)
  12. retaliation b. punishment                 c. abusive
  13. The feeling of being frightened or nervous due to lack of self-confidence. (intimidated)
  14. hostile b. offended                       c. intimidated
  15. An act/word that causes someone to be upset or to have hurt feelings. (offensive)
  16. offensive b. gossip                             c. rumor
  17. An unofficial story or news that might be invented or true and is spread quickly from people to people. (rumor)
  18. gossip b. rumor                             c. harassment
  19. To continue to upset or annoy someone over a period of time. (harass)
  20. bully b. harass                             c. gossip


Completa las oraciones usando las palabras de la caja.

sex discriminationglass ceilingrace discriminationracistaffirmative action/equal opportunity


  1. Mary complains about the _________ in the company. She didn’t get a promotion because she is a woman and that she can only go a specific position but not further. (glass ceiling)
  2. Liza was unfairly treated because she is the only woman in the engineering department. She filed a ___________ case to their grievance committee. (sex discrimination)
  3. In the XYZ Inc., black people are almost never hired and the few they have on staff have complained about ________. (race discrimination)
  4. He is a _____ because he often makes offensive remarks about other races. (racist)
  5. In the US and the UK, they practice ____________ to help workers who were previously discriminated. (affirmative action/equal opportunity)


Ejercicios de comunicación sobre Problemas en el trabajo en inglés

  1. Have you been discriminated in school, work or in a public place? Tell more about it.
  2. How can we avoid sex discrimination?
  3. Is discrimination common in your country? In what ways?
  4. Do you believe that what men and women have the same capacities?
  5. Give some example situations where race and sex discrimination can be avoided.