Trabajadores de la salud: Trabajos en inglés ( health workers)

Hay muchos tipos de trabajadores de la salud (Health workers). Los diferentes trabajadores de la salud tienen diferentes tareas o responsabilidades que hacer. En esta lección aprenderemos algunos de los diferentes términos para diferentes trabajadores de la salud en inglés.

Vocabulario sobre los trabajadores de la salud

Trabajadores de la salud Descripción del trabajo Traducción
general practitioner (GP) Refers to a family doctor who you can go and see at a center near your house. The health center is called “practice.” médico/a de familia
specialist/consultant A doctor who knows many things about a one special area. (eye specialist, heart specialist, skin specialist, etc.) médico/a especialista
surgeon A doctor who does operations in the hospital. cirujano/a
theater nurse Also called as a surgical nurse who helps in the operation in an operating theater. enfermera/o de quirófano
dentist A doctor who looks at your teeth. dentista
dental hygienist A person who cleans the patient’s teeth and teaches them how to clean them properly. higienista dental
chiropodist A doctor who looks after your feet. podólogo/a
optician A trained person who specializes in eyes. óptico/a
paramedic A person who arrives in an area where accidents happened and can give medical treatment whoever needs it. paramédico/a
vet/veterinarian A doctor for animals. veterinario/a
nutritionist A person who studies or an expert in nutrition. nutricionista
pharmacist A trained person who prepares and gives out medicines in the hospital or shop. farmacéutico/a
pediatrician A doctor with a special medical training in caring for children. pediatra
dietitian A person who scientifically studies and gives advice about food and eating. dietista


Un quirófano (operating theatre) es una instalación dentro de un hospital donde se realizan operaciones quirúrgicas.

Trabajadores de la salud: Trabajos en inglés ( health workers)


Une la columna A con la columna B.

  1. chiropodist (b)
  1. another term for theater nurse
  1. theater nurse (d)
  1. foot doctor
  1. operating theater (c)
  1. a place where surgical operations are carried out
  1. surgical nurse (a)
  1. a surgical nurse who helps in the operation
  1. specialist (f)
  1. our family doctor whose center is near our house
  1. general practitioner (e)
  1. a doctor who knows many things about a special area
  1. veterinarian (j)
  1. eye doctor
  1. optician (g)
  1. teaches how to clean the teeth
  1. nutritionist (i.)
  1. a nutrition expert
  1. dental hygienist (h)
  1. animal doctor


Elige la respuesta correcta. 

My six-year-old daughter is sick, so I’ll take her to a ________. (pediatrician)

a. general practitioner                                              b. theater nurse                                              c. pediatrician

My sister seeks the help of a ______, so she can have advice about food and eating. (dietitian)

a.nutritionist                                                b. dietitian                          c. pediatrician

I went to a store to buy some medicines for my brother, but I forgot the dosage to be given. The ______explained and helped me out. (pharmacist)

ageneral practitioner                                              b. pharmacist                    c. pediatrician

My dogs were sick. I took them to a ______. (veterinarian)

a.veterinarian                              b. dietitian                          c. pediatrician

I need a new pair of glasses. I went to see an ______. (optician)

a.optician                                       b. dietitian                          c. pediatrician

My mother needs a heart surgery. We’re looking for the best ______ in the hospital. (surgeon)

a.surgeon                                      b. general practitioner                  c. nutritionist

Every time a member of the family is sick, we call Dr. Smith, whose practice is just near our house. He is a ____________. (general practitioner)

a.nutritionist                                b. general practitioner                  c. surgeon

I have been suffering from this toothache since the other day. It’s time for me to see my ______. (dentist)                         b. dietitian                         c. dental hygienist

I took my daughter to a _____ who teaches her how to clean her teeth properly. (dental hygienist)                         b. dietitian                         c. dental hygienist

There was a road accident in highway 54. Good thing that the _____ arrived right away and gave medical treatment to the injured. (paramedics)

a.paramedics                               b. dietitian                          c. dental hygienist


Ejercicio de speaking. Debate sobre las siguientes preguntas.

  1. What kind of health worker do you often go to?
  2. Is it important to see a dental hygienist?
  3. What makes a surgeon different from a specialist?
  4. True or false: All surgeons are doctors. All doctors are surgeons.
  5. Do you think seeing a dietitian is effective if you want to lose weight?


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